Bloody Simon Sinek and his Start with Why

Look, I am a business coach who absolutely get’s my clients to think about their motivations, their mission, their values, to create movements that matter, but there is one thing over and above the big WHY…and that’s your little whys.

Bare with me.

Why do you need to fill your programme or get new 121 clients this month?

  • To pay your mortgage
  • To get a return on investment for the time, energy and money you have spent so far on your business
  • To buy a new computer
  • To employ a VA
  • To pay for the kids new school uniform
  • To get a new kitchen refurb
  • To pay for the wedding
  • To feel like you are valuable
  • To prove your neigh sayers wrong (love this one)

When you have a mission that other people can relate to, it helps to show people who you are, it creates bonds, it creates good will, and you find your peeps.

But if you neglect your own needs, or disproportionately focus on the long term goals rather than how you are going to put food in the fridge this week, or afford to take a week off work to avoid burn out…then guess what?

You are going to lose the love you have for the cause….and that doesn’t help anyone.

When I set up my plus size fitness business I genuinely did care about my mission. I wanted to get a million overweight and inactive women running, I wanted to address the inequality I saw in the sports world, I wanted to talk about the fear of judgement that puts so many women off running.

I still care about all of that stuff.

But sometimes I put the cause ahead of my own needs. I launched programmes that were far too cheap. I overdelivered. I underpaid myself. I did things for major organisations for peanuts in the hope that one day they’d offer me a proper seat at the table.

I remember a bloke who ran his own successful fitness empire say to me

“Don’t be a crusader Julie…Remember the crusaders all died”

Now there is nothing wrong with a bit of crusader energy when growing a business, it’s one of the archetypes in my Tribe Leadership Archetype System...but he was right, you can burn out, get angry and lose the energy needed to keep going.

Your needs matter too.

Getting your needs met by your business is super important. It’s called a return on investment. And that could be money, it could be the opportunity, it could be support, profile, acknowledgment….whatever you want and desire your business to give you…it all counts.

It took me a good few years to make my fitness business financially viable, but in the mean time I secured around £100,000 worth of value…free clothes, free overseas trips, invitations to posh places, equipment, inkind support etc…and without that stuff to bring a little bit of joy into my life in the early days when things were tough, I may well have given up.

I also think there is something about sharing your smaller whys with your clients, bringing them with you on your journey. It’s why we ask people to shop local because we then get to make an informed decision about where our funds go.

Do you want to help someone buy their 3rd home, and contribute to their bitcoin empire, or do you want to help someone create real financial stability for them and their family once and for all…oh, and a puppy lol (Rose, my 8 year old wants a puppy)

Now this is never to say its about creating a sob story or even a rags to riches story, but when we let people know the true story of our business, and what we are trying to create…beyond the bigger world mission, I think it reminds us all that we are humans running businesses…not just strangers on the internet trying to flog our stuff.

We start with the value that we give as a business owner, the thing we have that others want or need, (for me it’s audience building and getting traction in your business) and you create a fair value exchange. I help you build your business using the skills and expertise I have acquired over the last 20 odd years, and the money you pay me helps me further my goals…knowing that we are creating a ripple effect far beyond that initial exchange of cash.

Doing good in the world and making money are not mutually exclusive.

Your BIG mission is no more worthy that your smaller ones.

When COVID hit the UK 12 months ago, and we all went into lock down I was scared. I was scared that the hard work of getting myself out of the financial mess that 4 redundancies and a failed relationship often creates, would have all been in vein.

I worried that I wouldn’t be able to compete with the more well known business coaches who were slashing their prices and giving away all of their stuff for free…I mean they could, many of them were self isolating in their big old houses.

I couldn’t afford to do that…and I wasn’t willing to either.

I developed a very simple strategy for moving forward…THE TRIANGLE OF NEED.

You…yes YOU…are right at the top (or at least should be)…because you matter the most…yes seriously, and then helping your clients and the world more generally are below to the left and right of you…creating a glorious win, win, win energy…neglect your own needs at your peril, I have seen so many people do that over the years.

And while I’m here on my soapbox.

Serve not sell….BOLLOCKS.

Far too often I see women in particular overgiving, undercharging, offering freebies, swapsies and discounts, because they are being told they have to serve the needs of their clients to build up trust and goodwill.

When you grow an engaged audience of people who respect your time and expertise, and understand the value you bring to the table. They will happily buy from you.

What do you need today…and focus on that.

Julie Creffield is a community engagement strategist, tribe leadership expert, and creative business mentor. She helps solopreneurs to build profitable AND impactful business using community at their heart.

In 2020 she worked with more than 3000 clients, using the Triangle of Need as her guide.

This week she is launching an exciting new programme to help folks up their audience game, and by folks she means coaches, experts, speakers, consultants, therapists and creatives…anyone who knows that not having an engaged audience is costing them money, and limiting their impact.

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