This morning a photo popped up on my time line on Facebook and it was the perfect reminder of a lesson I am teaching in my Kickstart your Tribe Building challenge.

It was me on national TV.

But here is the thing…that moment was not the moment that defined my business, I didn’t all of a sudden become an overnight success, I wasn’t instantly recognisable in the street, or had a rush of new clients.

You don’t need to get in front of EVERYONE…there isn’t an on-off switch when it comes to audience growth…you literally have to win over the hearts and minds of folks one person at a time.

When I first started my fitness business I used to do 1 day retreats in the Olympic Park near to where I lived…I did 3 or 4 of them before realising that offline was just too difficult as a single Mum…and that online was the way I wanted to go.

Anyway…there was this lady.

She came twice. Once in June and once in September.

A few weeks later I received a phone call which went like this,

“Hi this is Tom a producer at ITV’s This Morning…we love what you do, and we were wondering if you would come and do 6 week feature on our programme helping the nation to start running.”

I was like WHAAAAATTTTT?????

Talk about life changing.

To take my brand onto the biggest daytime TV show???

When I found myself a few weeks later in the ITV studios on the Southbank talking to the head producer, and looking at the the shortlist of applications from the viewers.

The producer said,

“You know how we came across you?”

I was curious because my profile wasn’t actually very big back then.

“The head of drama at ITV came on one of your workshops as a punter, and came back raving about you…she spoke to head of daytime and said you gotta get this woman on one of your shows”

I didn’t know that lady worked in TV…I didn’t even know she was a super fan, I just did the best I could to ensure each of the women in that group felt special at my workshop.

You see.

There is this belief that you have to get to hundreds of people every day to get traction, to scale a business. That if you do enough social media, enough networking, employ the right PR company that you will hit the big time.

There is a better way.

Yes TV can help, being featured in magazines and on peoples podcasts raises your profile. But that can sometimes feel like an out of reach goal for many business owners.

I believe if you have a big enough vision, and you care enough to serve every client like they are the only one, the right people (and enough people) will be impressed with your work and will want to share that with the world.

Plus you have to have the right business model to meet your ambition in terms of scale.

So, if you are still waiting for the right tactic, for the right funnel, for the resources to employ a team, or to pay for advertising, know this.

You have everything you need right now to build a tribe, because remember it really is an inside job…

  • Think Big
  • Be great at what you do
  • Say yes to opportunities that scare the hell out of you
  • And don’t give up

Focus on being the best version of you, serving your clients, working on your mission.

Your Tribe is out there waiting for you, you just need to wake them up a bit.

Julie Creffield is a serial entrepreneur, community engagement specialist and business mentor. She has spent the last 20 years bringing people together online and off with shared goals…she now helps her clients create movements that matter, businesses that change lives.

On the last Friday of the month Julie hosts a VIP masterclass for business owners who have the potential or ambition of serving/impacting on a million clients in their lifetime.

On Friday 29th you can join a small group of her existing clients to work on your business not in your business, where the focus is on expansion, both from a mindset and a tactical perspective.

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