The world doesn’t come to a halt just because we have hit the summer.

OK so people take vacations, and the kids are off school…but this idea that everyone just shuts up shop and heads to the beach for 8 weeks is just bullshit.

For many entrepreneurs its business as usual.

For many of the clients and consumers, we serve its business as normal.

And yet I hear so many small business owners say things like,

“But nobody is interested in my stuff over the holidays”

“It’s my quietest time”

“Its too hard to get peoples attention”

And I just wonder how much of this is self-limiting beliefs, fear, laziness, and procrastination.

Don’t get me wrong I used to have similar thoughts. In my fitness business, the summer was my quietest time…I mean even I run less in the summer months.

But this is NOT the case for every business under the sun, and there are always ways to diversify and offer things in a slightly different way.

Unless that is you DON’T want to work this summer, and want to take some time off. That’s of course fair play…but just be honest with yourself and schedule the summer as the time where you choose to work less, rather than be like “What’s the point, nobody buys anyway” and then spend September plugging gaps in your budget.

I’ve just filled 36 places on one of my group programmes, STOP PLAYING SMALL which runs across the summer months…the first live call was last night and it was flipping brilliant.

These women are 100% up for doing personal development during this time.

For those that are business owners with kids at home its a an opportunity to keep a foot in the game, for those in more traditional jobs again its a chance to reflect and recharge before the work ramps up again in September (trust me having worked in local government, it can feel like a bit of dead time over the summer months)

Getting clear on the rhythm of your business through the seasons is important, allowing for downtime and holidays to fit in with kids and other factors is important.

YES, I will take some time off over the summer…in 2 weeks I’m off for a week in Walton on the Naze with my daughter and 14 other members of my family, and at the end of August I have 10 days in Mexico to look forward to, but this is no more really than I take in other quarters in the year.

The show still goes on….summer or no summer.

I will have content scheduled

I will be looking after my existing clients

And I will be getting ready for the next round of Tribe Builder in September.

So have a think in your business are you selling yourself short by literally giving up over the summer months? Are you telling yourself bullshit stories? Are you reeling back on your sales and marketing activities? Creating unnecessary holes in your cashflow?

What could you offer to your clients now? How can you support them through the summer? How can you keep things ticking over rather than winding down or coming to an almighty stop?

My name is Julie Creffield and I am a business strategist and life coach. I help purpose led business owners to start, sustain and scale their businesses for more impact and more income.

Tribe Builder is my 12 week signature coaching programme that runs 4 times a year.

It is part incubator, part mastermind, part support network, with coaching and training to get you thinking more creatively about building a sustainable business that makes a difference in the world...oh and not just thinking but bloody doing!!!!

Each round works with between 20-30 entrepreneurs, coaches, experts, speakers, artists and small business owners…at a range of levels, from a range of industries and from all over the world.

The diversity of my groups are the nuts!!!

I am offering an extended payment plan and super early bird offer for 10 entrepreneurs who are up for taking action this Summer.

Join before 1st August and you pay just £127 per month for 5 months, saving you more than £100 and helping you spread the cost.

You will get access to the September cohort (ie 3 months of support) plus I will run a bonus virtual mastermind day on the 15th August, and set you a range of things to be getting on with before we get started in September.

Check out more details here

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