Picture the scene, you are standing backstage, the lights are on, the excitement is building, you are going over your opening line, knowing you need to nail it.

You have been working up to this opportunity for months and it means so much. You got out of your own way to say yes to it in the first place, you worked on overcoming your fear, prioritising this over other things in your life.

This could lead to great things….

And then you walk on to the stage, into the spotlight, look up….




Imagine being a rock star walking onto a huge stage to give the concert of your life, and when you walk on to the stage all pumped you find literally nobody in the stadium….or maybe just a few stewards thinking “Where are all the fans”

Or maybe it’s like footballers who play to an empty stadium (yeah well thats kind of a thing now in 2020 right?)

But you get my drift.

In business…especially online business, that feeling of excitement and anticipation followed by disappointment, that feeling of “this is not what I imagined” can kind of be the same.

You have all of these wonderful skills and qualities, expertise that could really help people, and yet too often you create something cool, or come up with a great idea, and rather than it being met with rapturous applause, instead you get nothing.


It’s soul destroying.

And thats why if you keep mucking about on social media trying to pick up clients, in a scattergun approach instead of actually understanding how to do community building and community engagement well…you are going to burn out, or find yourself doing things in your business that are not aligned to your values OR that you are good at but you don’t enjoy.

And thats not what we went into business to do.

When you nail your niche, get clear on your mission, understand who you are as a leader, and then put in place the mechanics required to build an engaged tribe, you give yourself the best chance of stepping things up and never having to shout out into the void anymore.

The first cohort of Tribe Builder my 3 month incubator closes on Thursday 21st January. Register before midnight Friday to secure the earlybird price and your space in the programme.

Since February 2019 more than 130 small business owners have been through this specific programme. Transforming their businesses, creating movements with global impact, and truly leaning into who they want to be as an online leader.

My goal for 2021 is to support 300 solopreneurs on a mission, to transform their businesses, and step into the spotlight so that their audiences can be transformed by their work….are you one of those?

Check out details of the Tribe Builder Incubator Here

If you want to learn more about the kind of leader you are, and the most appropriate style of tribe for you to create, why not take my tribe leader quiz. It takes around 3 minutes and you get immediate results.

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Julie Creffield is a serial entrepreneur, community enagagement strategist and creative business mentor, with more than 20 years experience of building profitable and engaged communitties, online and off.

Her latest book, Leading from the back, helps you to understand that there isn’t just one way to do business, but there is just one of you, so start there when looking for the answers.

Check out the book here

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