I’ve been thinking a lot recently about innovation.

How lucky we are that so many inventors and entrepreneurs have been bold enough to create new things and just launch them into the world for us to enjoy.

Our lives are filled with products, tech and all manner of gadgets that have been born out of an obvious gap in the market, a frustration/need for things to be better than they already are.

Over the weekend I bought a new vacuum cleaner after my last rather heavy one literally broke in two. My new one is cordless, light as a feather, has an inbuilt handheld vacuum (for sofa crumbs) and takes up barely any room in my small two-bed apartment.

Worlds apart from the smelly, heavy fabric bag based hoovers my mum had when we were kids.

Long may the invention of better continue.

Today, my Tribe Builder participants will be launching new things into the world.

These business owners are not newbies in their field, these small business owners have years of experience but are packaging their knowledge and expertise up in new ways. They are piloting different delivery mechanisms or new types of customers…testing themselves and the market.

They will be looking for earlier adopters to jump on board, to show support in their fledgeling ideas. They will in many ways be looking for the people who already know like and trust them to become advocates and cheerleaders to help them fill their first cohorts.

At what point do you enter the market for new things?

In fact, at what point do the majority of your customers and clients enter when buying from you…and do you give them the option to support you more in the early days when you really need support proving the concept.

As an early adopter, you get many perks in my view,

  • Often coaching pilot programmes are discounted – in other fields like tech and products you pay a premium, but with coaching, you are likely to get a really good offer.
  • Added Value – often coaches will over-deliver, go the extra mile in the first rounds of a programme, so you will get lots of 121 attention that you might not in future rounds…as they want the pilot to be a success
  • Behind the scenes access – pilot rounds often have little nooks to be ironed out, and this can be interesting. You can learn a lot from other peoples mistakes and how they deal with them.
  • You get to say “I was there first”– there is something really rewarding about knowing you are an early adopter/founding member…you get to be the cool “in the know” person that forwards new people to the good stuff

There is nothing scarier than putting something new into the world.

Entrepreneurs face these fears every time they do so, and they are incredibly grateful to every sale that comes through the doors, as each and every sale feels like a mini thank you for being brave.

Keep an eye out later today for a blog outlining my September Cohort of Tribe Builders and their latest offerings, and if you are on my email list (which you can get yourself on here, while bagging yourself a cool mini-course called “Lets Get Engaged”) then tomorrow morning you will hear about an exciting update regarding my new (kinda) offering that I will be focussing my attention on next year….an offer which is only available at a no brainer discount to people already in my Tribe.

It’s the pilot of all pilots, it’s risk-taking at its best, with opportunities for collaboration, growth and increased visibility. An initiative which will require an army of brave, forward-thinking, early adopters, willing to come with me on an exciting exploration of what is possible in the entrepreneurial world.

So watch this space.

Photo by Josh Boot on Unsplash