Finding 100 perfect people really should be your plan of action right now...

As a business coach I rarely tell people what they SHOULD do.

But today fuck that shit….GO BUILD YOUR BLOODY EMAIL LIST….and start it today.

Without a list of warm leads and prospects in your business, ones who have opted to be in your world by existing in your email marketing system you really are pissing all of your good marketing and engaging content up the wall.

Apologies for all the swearing, but I am kinda a bit VEX this morning.

You would be surprised at how many brilliant business owners come to me and admit,

“I don’t have a list”

I am talking established but struggling to grow business owners. It is sooooo frustrating when it is common knowledge that this is how you build an online business and yet so many folks resist it. 

I even had a client that worked with me for 6 months, who actually lied about having a list, and only admitted it once we stopped working together.

In my Audience Builder Bootcamp the focus is on building a list of 100 Perfect People…it does other things too like help you to amplify your message and be more visible online, but the outcome I promise for the 12 week programme…is to get those 100 Perfect People on your email list.

And why?

When you have 100 perfectish people (it doesn’t have to be an exact science) you….

  • Can validate your offers
  • Can ask for feedback
  • Can support folks and help them take the first step
  • Can build trust and authority
  • Can collect data
  • But ultimately you can activate them to buy

But a word on data because this is actually more valuable than sales. Hear me out. When you have an email list you can see who is opening your emails, who’s checking out your sales pages, how many people are engaged. then you can strategise accordingly.

So rather than saying, “Well that didn’t work” you can instead say…

“Well, 20% of my list open my emails, 5% click on the link, and 1% buy….so I either have to improve my messaging and my offers, or I have to get more people on my list”

I don’t think it is completely a numbers game though.

But when you build an engaged email list, and really get comfortable with communicating regularly with them (offering a two way line of communication) you will actually find it relatively easy to increase your influence, impact and income…cos you will have grown a tribe of super fans. 

The best time to have started growing your email list, was the day you started your business. The second best time is today…the worst time, is that illusive time in the future that you never actually get round to.

The good news for you, is if you register for my Audience Builder Bootcamp today for just £149…you can get cracking straight away.

Imagine what having

  • 100 potential clients on an email list would lead to in your business
  • 100 purchases (that’s my target for my new mini offer I am promoting at the moment for people who already have an audience)
  • 100 programme or product advocates…folks who’ve worked with you, that can give testimonials
  • 100 proactive fans, who rave about you behind your back

Ready to go get those 100 perfect people?

And finally. I know this blog is a bit ranty. It isn’t intended to make you feel bad. It’s just a call to action to prioritise this stuff. It’s not a good enough excuse to look at folks and say “Well they have a big audience” they started where you are, they started out without 100 people on their list. 

Repeat after me…

“Even though I haven’t given list building enough attention…I love and appreciate myself, and there is still time to crack this”

Have a fab day

PS….go build that bloody list

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Remember, without an engaged and continually renewing audience you do not have a sustainable business, and without the confidence and skills to effectively activate your audience (ie get them to buy) you are making it it hard for yourself.

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And hopefully see you in the Audience Builder Bootcamp Facebook group and on the weekly live call, next week. 


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