Do you ever feel like you are not completely showing up in your business?

It’s not about being a fake or a fraud, or even about being shy or invisible online. It’s more about feeling the need to compartmentalize your life so that you can repackage up who you are and what you do…you know so that people get it?

So that they get what you do now…who you are trying to be.

I’ve had a lot of different jobs.

You name it I’ve done it. And yet because I started my career working in the arts as a drama practitioner, the running joke in my extended family was, “When we gonna see you on Eastenders”

Even long after I stopped working in the arts, and started working on the London 2012 games, it would still come up, folks still wanted to pull me back to the 16-year-old me who wasn’t interested in anything other than acting and dancing.

For a few years I rebranded myself as a self appointed London 2012 expert…working on the games in a range of ways, writing government policy, briefing politicians, running local consultations.

I wasn’t an expert on the games though, I was fascinated by them, inspired by them, knowledgeable about so many aspects of what it takes to host the biggest sporting event in the world…


I was and still am an expert in community engagement.

Its what I do, and it’s who I am.

I do that using a range of creative skills, utalising my degree in performing arts and my masters in multimedia…and as a speaker my acting skills 100% come in handy.

Over the past few months I have been going through a rebranding process. Working out what I am and what I’m not. I’ve done this with the excellent support of The Brand Coach, Deborah O’Grady.

The irony is I help my clients with niching, but I was too close to my own stuff to truly articulate who I am and what my special superpowers are…and I was absolutely clueless about how to express that in a visual look and feel for my brand.

It has been a truly transformational process.

Showing people who you really are takes courage, it takes guts

It puts you up as a target for folks who might not like it, who might not like you, they may not resonate with your unique blend of awesomeness, but we must do it anyway, we must show up unapologetically and bring all of us to the table.

It doesn’t matter if you have been doing what you have been doing for years, if you have pivoted recently, or even if you are brand spanking new to the game…you still come with a wealth of experiences, qualities and expertise that you probably are not fully capitalising on.

Allow yourself to tap into those stories, work out how to share the different sides of you…allow people to see the whole picture, the 5D version of yourself.

My name is Julie Creffield

I am a serial entrepreneur…but more than that I am an Engagement Strategist & Business Mentor

Creating businesses that engage and communities that thrive

I help my clients create movements that matter

I am the change maker

The ring leader, your cheerleader

I am an idea’s activator…and I am creating a change revolution.

The question now is, who are you? And how can we create magical things in this world together, if I can’t see exactly who you are yet?

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