The online space can feel incredibly scary at times.

People you may never meet in real life, can have an incredibly damaging effect on your wellbeing.

One minute you are having a great day cracking on with your work, the next minute you happen across a social media post or an email that completely throws you, and you end up spiraling into deep and dark thoughts which have you running towards your cave.

Dramatic much?

And then let’s talk about the toxic positivity that tries to counteract all of that,

“Nobody can make you feel bad unless you let them”

“Stay in your own lane”

“What other people think of you is none of your business”

Try telling that to someone who is already anxious and a bit depressed about the state of their business and their life? And is being bombarded with messages that tell them that the problem is them and their money mindset, desire, hunger, ability to heal.

The last 18 months have been incredibly tough…we are not in the same boat, and we are not even in the same ocean a lot of the time.

We still live in a world full of the haves and the have nots, and the online business world (due to the way marketing algorithms and messaging play out) have us believe there is ultimately something wrong with us.

We are the problem

I am the problem

You are the problem

“OMG she just made a million pound in an hour”

Then surely I am doing it all wrong.

But what that hyped post doesn’t tell you is

  • How much was spent on Facebook Ads
  • How much is being paid out in affiliate fees
  • How much their team costs them
  • How much the cost of delivery is
  • How many years of graft it’s taken to get to that point
  • What ethics, values or ideals that person lives to
  • How many folks will ask for refunds
  • How much of a ball ache looking after that number of people will be
  • What impact that programme will have
  • How many people will drop out due to not doing the work, or the programme not being a good fit

So what is the solution?


Yes anchors.

We have to find multiple ways of anchoring ourselves to who we are, what we stand for, and what we stand against.

It starts with our vision and our values, but it does not end there.

We need to create real tangible anchors that we literally bump into on a daily basis, in fact that others bump into. Anchors that help others to see who we are, as well us reminding ourselves of our unique and awesome existence.

And the online world is a perfect platform for this in fact because every time we create a digital or live asset in our business we have the opportunity to remind people of who we are and what we are about.

The more time we spend on working this shot out, rather than looking outside of ourselves for the answers, the closer you will get to success.

Now this doesn’t mean never working with coaches, never collaborating, never buying in support

But it starts from a place of absolute certainty of what you want, why you want it, and what you are willing to do to get it.

When we do not have an anchor, when we let imposter syndrome, comparisonitus, overwhelm and procrastination stop us in our tracks, we don’t in fact stay static, we often spiral or bounce from pillar to post…this contributes to all of the above even more…until we find something to anchor ourself again…and that process is exhausting in its repetitiveness.

Some ideas for anchors we can focus on to ground us

  • A mission statement
  • Your values and vision
  • The living breathing culture of your venture
  • Your strategy document
  • Your visual branding
  • Your messaging
  • Your team
  • Your business buddies
  • Your mastermind
  • Your website
  • Your programme suite
  • Your sales process
  • Your marketing activities
  • Your unique IP able Framework
  • Your freebies
  • Your resources for clients
  • Who you collaborate with
  • Your social media
  • Your blog or articles you publish
  • The podcasts you appear on
  • What you say
  • What you do (publicly and privately)

Now this is not to say you have to have your shit together, much of the above list is work in progress.

But it really does start with you.

There is always going to be someone bigger, better, more successful, more ethical, less ethical, more popular, more driven, funnier, sexier, better dressed, better at managing teams, had more resources to start with, better at keeping their gob shut, better at speaking up…

But there is only one of you

Nobody can do you better than you…other than the you that leans into further alignment and fulfillment in their life and business. Other than the person who finds ways to limit the emotional triggers, that prioritises the inner work, that is committed to exploring their true identity as a business owner.

Stay grounded and connected people.

Julie Creffield is a serial entrepreneur, tribe leadership expert and community engagement strategist. She helps solopreneurs find their people online without burning out, selling out or behaving like a dick, so that ultimately they feel less alone in business, and more connected to their life’s mission.

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