7 years ago I went to a local business advisor to get advice about turning my popular blog into a business.

I’d recently been made redundant and had a small baby at home.

His advice wasn’t very helpful.

He didn’t think it was possible to monetise a blog like mine, he told me it was too much of a gimmick…and it would never make me any money.

It was like a red flag to a bull…and I left the building thinking, “I’ll show you”

I got a loan from my job centre and launched a range of motivational tshirts for my blog followers, wrote a simple ebook, and started doing in person running workshops in East London.

I realised very soon, that business model was flawed.

It would be too difficult to find enough people in my local area AND pay for childcare. It would take too long and was too hard while my little one was, well little.

I neededed growth and I needed it quick.

So I took my services online.

Not in a wizzy sophisticated manor…but I created enormous transformation in my clients and grew my client base exponentially…AND fast…using free technology and my boundless energy for people.

I’ve been running group programmes ever since, with upgrades and improvements in the tech and delivery with each one, I’ve probably created and launched more than 25 of my own group programmes, and helped around 500 small business to create and launch theirs.

The one to many model is a wonderful model…and so late last year I started thinking about creating a programme that used my 20+ years experience of devising group programmes (I used to do it with real places with real people before moving online)

And so One to Many was born.

One to Many is an 8 week programme to help you design, create and launch a profitable group programme…without all of the unnecessary faff and confusion of doing it all by yourself.

A major focus of this is making it profitable (first time round) and getting it out into the world FAST…trust me it doesn’t need to be perfect, or slick, or any of those things you use as an excuse to not move ahead with your idea.

So the best time to launch an online group programme was years ago…I’m kidding…ha ha…the best time is NOW…like seriously. The longer you wait the longer your potential clients have to work with someone else…or stay stuck.

Lockdown or no lockdown the one to many model is so flexible…and no matter your niche, your expertise, your level of experience…there are people out there that need what you offer.

Now more than ever people are looking for affordable, accessible and unique ways of learning, experiencing and sharing online….people are relying more than ever on feeling connected, seen and heard online while the world sorts itself out.

In normal times September and October are brilliant times to launch. The summer is over, the end of the year is approaching. People are aware of where there skills gaps are and what they need….they are getting ready for the following year and looking for ways to finish the year strong.

So what you waiting for?

Imagine heading into the Autumn with your group programme up and running? Bums on virtual seats, money in the bank, and the skills and understanding to become a brilliant facilitator who helps their clients make the changes they need to make?

Julie Creffield is a community engagement specialist and business mentor with an obssession for group programmes. With 20+ years experience of facilitating groups, and a decade of running profitable online programmes, she knows her stuff.

Her One to Many Programme starts on the 10th August with the view to having filled your group programme in just 8 weeks. You can find out more here do get in touch if you’d like details of the 5 month payment plan or have any questions julie@juliecreffield.com




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