We all have a thing don’t we?

Something which we are known for?

Something which makes us stand out from all the other coaches, experts, speakers or entrepreneurs?


Am I talking about a niche? Am I talking about a Gimmick? Am I talking about personal brand stuff?

Well, it kind of doesn’t matter, as long as it helps to differentiate you, AND (and this is the important bit) it helps your customers and clients to take action.

So let me give you some examples…

I have a friend and fellow health coach called Melissa Wells, she does a self love challenge on line and on Day 1 she gets her followers to buy themselves flowers, as a reminder that they are worthy of being loved, and that where possible should surround themselves with things which bring them joy. When I first did this challenge I realised,

I never by myself flowers, yet I love receiving them

So now, most weeks I buy myself flowers…and I have Mel to thank for that.

And on to my underwear drawer….cos you knew I was going to go their right?

Another coach I follow is a lady called Denise Duffield Thomas who helps women to address their money mindset issues. In her bootcamp programme she gets us all to upgrade our underwear drawer, and literally it is the funniest week with women posting things like,

Look at the these beauties

While posting photos of panties in all kinds of distress


My ex husband bought these for me in the 80s why do I still have them?

As a coach she gets us to think about something we all have (underwear) and she gets us to take action (by chucking out the old and buying new ones) and so forever more I will associate the upgrading of my pants with this woman…and never again will I think so badly of myself not to own gorgenous undergarments.

And now onto things which BUZZ…yes I am going there.

Imagine the scene, a tall handsome German guy arrives into the scene, and after a well pulled together talk he pulls out of his bag, a BIG yellow buzzer.

A buzzer that once you push it says,

“Ooooooohhhhh Yeeeeaahhhhh”

I met Ilja at a Professional Speakers Association meeting that I myself was speaking at too, I didn’t know who he was before, but we have since become friends and may, in fact, be giving a shared talk in the states later this year.

Ilja Grzeskowitz is an award winning Keynote Speaker and bestselling author of nine books, who has given presentations in fifteen countries on four continents. As a change management expert he inspires, influences and motivates leaders, entrepreneurs and employees to combine innovative thinking with taking massive action. 

His buzzer is a visual aide, and a reminder to the thousands of clients he speaks to (who all get one of his yellow buzzers) to take action, and it 100% differentiates him from the other keynote speakers out there.

So what’s your thing?

What are you going to be known for?

How are you going to motivate your tribe into taking action?

How are you going to get people to love who you are, what you do, and what you stand for?

Me personally? Its words, or seeing as its Valentines Day here in the UK lets call it poetry.

I am a blogger, a speaker, a writer who has a way with words. I have been able to grow a powerful tribe of followers, fans, customers and partners through the power of words.

Yes, I have provocative branding

Yes I have a love of the F word

Yes I’m different because of my East End roots.

But my thing….is most definitely my ability to use words to share my vision with the world, helping people to buy into the ideas I have, and therefore come on a journey with me.

Isn’t that we all want as business owners?

Would you like to know more about how to levergae your personal brand and the things which make you YOU, to build and monetise a loyal community of customers and clients, who keep coming back?

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