The Ultimate Business Strategy in a box Toolkit...if this doesn't get you unstuck I don't know what wiLL

Have you ever found yourself in a place in your small business where you are seriously questioning if it is all worth it? Or perhaps you are still excited and enthusiastic about the vision...but you are bogged down in the day to day grind of entrepreneurship and you need some inspiration and insight to get you back into alignment before you burn out or get distracted by something which looks easier.

As a micro business, solopreneur, start up, small business owner (however you decide to describe yourself) you will be bombarded online and off with business strategists, experts and gurus that will tell you that you need their strategy, online programme or coaching service, OR ELSE YOU WILL BE DOOMED!!!!! When truth be known, in most cases what you actually need is to sit and ask yourself the right questions, make some decisions and crack on and make shit happen.

Yes masterminds, group programmes and online learnings have a place in business growth where there is a specific knowledge gap, mindset shortfall or issue with accountability that needs addressing, but many of them just leave you more confused than ever. We know that less than 10% of online programmes get consumed, and probably somewhere in the region or 3-5% of participants ever achieve what is promised (and yes I’ve just made up that stat) from the BIG PLAYERS despite spending thousands.

But what if rather than spending all that time, money, energy and effort in navigating the never ending wave of people who want to “help” you…you actually set aside a full day to sorting out your strategy, committed to doing the hard thinking and the planning, and you then took action on the things which are most likely to make the biggest impact in your business? 

So how is this product different???

My focus as a business growth strategist is no longer lifestyle business owners. 

After 5 years of specifically serving this audience, working with more than 3000 clients, I am now focussing on larger organisations and companies who have more capacity and chance of scaling their business to make significant impact. This does not however, mean I have stopped caring about my solopreneur peeps…I just know that it was time for me to move on and do BIGGER juicier things.

So this mini product has been created as an evergreen, never to go out of date, gift to the people who have been in my world, or will perhaps come into my world from this point forward, and need a bit of Julie magic. It has specifically been designed to cut through the bullshit and give you a no nonsense set of tools to really decipher whether your business has legs or not.

There is no upsell…this is not the bottom of a complex funnel…there is no funnel lol

This self study resource isn’t packed with videos, downloads and resources you’ll never get round to consuming…instead it is designed to be completed in a day (two days at most) and acted upon….giving you and your business the shake up it really needs. AND you can come back to it time and time again as your business evolves and you bump up against a different set of challenges.

The truth is you don’t need answers in 12 weeks time, you don’t need to learn about every aspect of online business, or digital marketing, you just need to understand your own business better, and you then need to stay in your own lane (with this secret sauce data of YOURS) while you crack on with the stuff that actually pushes the needle forward. 

Who knows, you may even decide that business isn’t for you…and trust me there really is no shame in that.

And for just £59 if you simply watch the welcome video and it unlocks something profound in you, that makes you operate in a different way…then that is sixty quid well spent in my view. 

What does it include? 


Give me a full day of your attention, a commitment to working through the materials even when it gets tough, and yes a bit of your hard earned cash to keep you motivated...and I guarantee that you will get clarity and confidence to make better decisions for you and your business moving forward...or I'll give you your money back no questions asked*

* you have to work through all of the materials though, cos remember I know...most people don't, and that would be far too easy lol

What do my past clients say about me (hopefully we can add your testimonial to this list)

I have been a freelancer/ solopreneur/ trainer/ facilitator/ teacher /mentor /coach/ consultant for more than 25 years

I have a first class Bachelors Degree in Performing Arts, and a masters degree in Multimedia Design & Cultures and have been in the online world for a decade.

I have supported more than 3000 solopreneurs in the last 5 years...from microbusiness to millionaire founders and EVERYTHING in between.

My online businesses have impacted millions of people around the world

I am known for my no nonsense, cut through the bullshit strategies, advice and support...I get folks taking action

I have designed more than 30 online programmes, digital products and learning tools in the last 10 years....and have helped over 100 experts create their own (that people ACTUALLY complete)

I want solopreneurs to get better at advocating for their own business needs, and you can only do this when you have clarity

I SERIOUSLY want you to reach your is too fucking short and bloody tough to muck about not really playing full out.

You want in????