I don’t know about you, but I am already starting to look forward to 2021

Not because I am setting any new years resolutions, not because this year has been bad (define bad hey), but simply because I have BIG plans…and I get like this every year.

I’ve been doing some rough tallying up this year and thought I’d share some numbers with you…

  • Number of clients = 3000+
  • Number of new programmes developed = 5
  • Number of books written = 2
  • Number of FREE Masterclasses = 11
  • Number of FREE challenges = 2
  • Number of blog posts 100+
  • Number of guest expert slots = 20+

It has been a year of graft for sure.

And I am looking forward to 2021 being a little easier on a number of fronts.

I think it is important to do the maths, to think about the numbers.

I don’t care too much about social media followers, or size of email list…because although these things do matter, they don’t matter as much as you may think.

100 new subscribers is no guarantee in terms of new business…the goal is not to collect followers just for the sake of it.

For me it’s not about passive fans, but instead folks who want to take action.

Action, traction, movement…thats what we need.

Forward momentum, rather than the stop and start that so many business owners experience as they try to scale their business.

Around this time last year I decided I had had enough of the feast and famine, I decided I was done with waiting, done with playing small…I was ready to call in the success I craved.

It was a decision.

The tactics, the strategy, the graft came later…but it started with a decision.

On Tuesday I will be running my final workshop of the year, Becoming Unstoppable in 2021, a half day planning experience…part learning, part dreaming, part embedding or intentions.

Its is completely free, you just need to register here

I will be sharing the 3 biggest things which led to my best ever business year, with a quarter of a million pounds in sales, but more importantly the absolute privilege of helping so many small business owners to create momentum in their businesses.

If you are winding down and getting ready for the festive period, have a well deserved break, thank you for reading my blogs, watching my videos and talking part in my programmes.

And I will see you in 2021…ready to do great things

Julie Creffield is a community engagement strategist, business mentor and speaker. She helps small business owners to grow profitable tribes of buyers not browsers.

On Monday over in her free facebook community, she will be hosting a day of interviews as part of the official launch of her book Leading from the back.

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