Oh, “I’m growing my Tribe” they say

#bossbabe #influencer #yourvibeattractsyourtribe

Post that all over your social…and that’ll do it.

Now I am not going to start slamming people with a dream, but there is this bullshit belief that social media number equates to tribe, and tribe equates to income.

Don’t get me wrong there are heaps of examples of where this is true…I should know, my 7 year old is hooked on Moriah Elizabeth…the crafting YouTuber with her 5 million subscribers and her line of “merch” as my daughter likes to refer to the stuff you can buy in her online shop.

But for every influencer or online guru raking it in, there is an army of people hustling and posting on social media like their life depended on it (maybe it does) still not making any money….or getting much traction.

I get it…it takes time.

Slowly, slowly right? Blog, show up, post lovely coloured memes…eventually people will get it…I will get my facebook community past the 300 stage, I will have passive income products, maybe even a course…by the end of the year we’ll all be millionaires.

If only it was that simple.

I started a blog in 2010 not to become an influencer or even to make a living from my writing. No, I started a blog because I had something to say. I was pissed off with coming last in running races and having the finishing line disappear before I got there (OK so that only happened once…ok twice but still)

I was annoyed that nobody on the cover of running magazines EVER looked like me, I was annoyed that running stores would happily take my money for shoes, but never had clothes to fit me.

I wanted to find other people who felt like me.

And find them I did…in their millions. #notkidding

So OK a few years into doing it, I did. turn it into a business. I did do the occasional sponsored blog post, I did start a range of merchandise, I did start getting paid for appearances…AKA speaking gigs.

But it wasn’t about all of that.

I was on a mission to get a million women running. The mission was clear and the women came with me…they knew where I as their “leader” was taking them.

Your followers need to be led somewhere…otherwise they just go round and round in circles until someone else takes their eye.

If you are a coach, a speaker, an artist, a therapist…any small business owner with expertise you want to leverage to make more money AND more impact….then you need a tribe.

You need a tribe of followers, a tribe of advocates, a tribe of supporters, but most of all you need a tribe of buyers…without the buyers there is nothing…you have no business, instead what you have is an expensive hobby that eats into your confidence as fast as your savings.

Your expertise is not in question here…although you might think it is, but how can you be expected to know how to drive people to your work on masse? How are you expected to know how to create engaging content over and over again? How are you expected to be able to make hundreds of decisions every week about your business and have them all be the right ones?

You are just one person.

But you don’t have to be. Business is lonely. It can be filled with insecurities and mistrust. Every time you take on a client, coach or service provider you can be like “will they shaft me?” or on the other side of the scale “will I deliver what I promised”

You question whether its safe to show up, whether its safe to grow, whether its safe to show people who you really are.

Plus, it’s far too easy to compare yourself to others, in your niche or outside of it.

But when you are 100% clear on

  • your niche
  • your leadership style
  • your mission
  • your messaging
  • your people
  • your business model
  • your pricing structure
  • And how you want to show up in the world

Trust me, people will find you. They will find you, because they will see you. They will see you, because you will shine so fucking brightly it would be impossible not to see you and want to be close to you.

Not sure how you do all of those things.

Not sure you could do them on your own, or quick enough so that you didn’t lose faith and give up all together, I’ve got you. Over the past 18 months, I have helped over 80 small business owners to rebuild their business from the ground up with my Tribe Builder process.

“I’ve made more money in my business in these 3 months as I have EVER through my art before”

“I now have to have a waiting list”

“Wow 4000 members of my community already”

“It was like a rocket up my arse”

But here’s the thing…it starts with YOU, you have to decide what kind of Tribe Leader you want to be. I can help with that, as one of the first modules in the programme gives you access to my Tribe Leadership Diagnostic tool, which helps you work out what kind of community you should be building…the one which is going to be most aligned, with the least resistance.

So many people are just out there doing what everyone else is doing with no idea if it will work or not….ooohhh look that persons got a FREE Facebook community…that must mean I need one.

Ermm NOPE…I don’t have a FREE community.


Because I don’t want a business that requires me to show up for free for years on end for people who may or may not buy from me…it’s not a good fit for me, but for you it may well be.

The problem is you don’t know yet.

Want to find out?

Tribe Builder starts on Friday 3rd July with an Opening Ceremony like no other…then the work begins for you and for me the following week. Imagine going into the autumn with your shit together, knowing where you are leading your people…knowing where you are heading.

The cart closes at midnight on Friday www.tribebuildernetwork.com

Julie Creffield is a community engagement specialist and business mentor with more than 20 years experience of forming, growing and leveraging communities.

She now supports small business owners and organisations to build movements that matter and armies of buyers and activists rather than tire kickers and browsers.

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