Did you know in the UK physical inactivity costs the NHS around £1 billion per year…furthermore in a 12-year study of more than 300,000 people University of Cambridge researchers suggested that inactivity is actually more of a problem than obesity with about 676,000 deaths each year being down to inactivity, compared with 337,000 from carrying too much weight.

Now what does this have to do with business?

And no, its OK I’m not going to suggest you all leave your desk this very minute and go for a run (I’m a 5 times marathon runner you know…did I ever mention that?)

Look here’s the thing.

So often in life we focus so much on the end result…like getting into a size 12 pair of jeans, or making our first million, that we forget about the sometimes boring, pedestrian, consistent day to day action that is needed to actually get us there.

And because we sometimes set such lofty goals for ourselves, or worse still are influenced by our peers, the media, and modern day expectations, those goals seem soooooo far away from where we are now we choose to do nothing instead.

As the Chinese proverb says,

“The best time to plant a tree was yesterday, the second best time is now”

How often have you thought to yourself, oh I could write a blog to better position myself as an expert but then think to yourself but it’s such a saturated market, and they take so long to write, and it just takes such a lot of work to build traction.


I could build an online course, but what if nobody bought it and I did all that work and it was wasted. Maybe I will wait until I have a bigger audience.

It’s not that you are completely inactive in your business…oh no. You keep yourself busy, you go to networking events, you tweak your website and get new brand photos, and you know exactly what all of your competitors are up to on social media.

But what would inspired imperfect action right now look like in your business? What could you do or create today that would build real momentum? What is stopping you?

I had a call with a new accountability partner yesterday (yes I have them too) we briefly discussed our goals for this week, I set 3 goals…one of which was to write this blog and this morning I created a series of FREE community building masterclasses to deliver in November. (You can register for them here)

My accountability buddy just messaged me and said,

“Wow you weren’t joking when you said you’re a fast action taker!!!”

You see for me I don’t see any point in waiting. When inspiration strikes I take action, because I know that once fear sets in its too difficult to find that inspiration and momentum again.

Because that is all that inactivity is really….its fear and overwhelm disguised as laziness….and boy do we like to beat ourselves up about laziness.

I believe that a lot of the challenges we face in business, namely “not making enough money” or not seeing enough progress, which pretty much equates to “not making enough money” can be solved by just getting out of our own way and taking action.

In the work I do with runners I call it “getting out the bloody front door” and with entrepreneurs I call it simply “using the F**K it finger”…pressing send on that sales email, posting that social media post, reaching out to someone to partner with.

Because while you are scrolling on social media, tweaking images, heading to another breakfast meeting, researching your market (again), rearranging your desk…someone else is out there making money from exactly the same thing you want to make money from.

My top tips for taking fast action?

  1. Decide to take action
  2. Tell someone else about it (the more public the better)
  3. Build in timelines that you can’t change
  4. Just stop wingeing and fucking do it

Oh and number 5 is get yourself a kick arse coach who isn’t going to let you be inactive (but I would say that right?)

And incase you need more evidence that taking imperfect action leads to more money and more impact. In early September I came up with the idea for a mini sales challenge called “A Grand in Your Hand”…by the end of the month I had created it, delivered it, and made £14,000 off the back of it.

And not only that the business owners who took part in this challenge…also made money, created impact with their clients, and moved their business forward…so total win win.

One women made £13,000 in a week by taking action doubling her income for that month…so if that’s not a rocket up your arse to get stuck in, I don’t know what is.

I will be running the challenge again in early December…just in time to make some xmas money. You can sign up here today to take advantage of the early bird pricing….or you could dither and not sign up and then kick yourself next month ha ha.

Either way…stop mucking about on social media reading other peoples stuff, and get on with creating your own so that you can properly grow your business.

Rant over!!!!