So if you had asked me “What is Clubhouse” around 6 weeks ago I would have answered “Oh that’s the name of my membership for plus size runners” but asking me today my answer is this…

Clubhouse is a relatively new social media platform which uses solely audio to build relationships….and in my view I think it’s going to be the BIG thing for 2021.

And heres why…

You have to get invited

I was invited by a client about 2 weeks ago. I’d already started to hear a buzz and I decided to jump in.

This is brilliant scarcity marketing, creating FOMO and a buzz without advertising spend.

It’s only available on iphone

This probably pisses all of the Android users of the world off…but they have picked a lane. The lesson here is you don’t have to be accessible to everyone.

It’s kinda addictive

You can jump into rooms to hear live moderated conversations on a range of topics. Unlike podcasts, youtube videos or even live stage talks these conversations feel fresh, authentic and in the moment.

I’ve been jumping into rooms every day since joining…often while doing other boring tasks like washing up, or sorting paperwork.

Anyone can host a room

To have a Club that folks can follow, you have to meet certain criteria and apply, but anyone can host a room.

You can host a public or a private room.

This can feel scary because when public ANYONE can join, and when Private people might not want to join…eeeek!!!

I’m hosting my first room on Friday to continue the conversation about how Clubhouse can help with audience building for small business owners in 2021…come and join me.

You have access to some of the biggest personalities online

This is not just about business gurus but also sports people, actors, musicians etc its exciting!!!

On New Years Eve I spent about an hour in a room with some major Hip Hop artists from the states…it was exhilarating.

You don’t have to get dressed or do your hair

This is a GAMECHANGER. In this COVID affected world I don’t know about you, but I don’t always want to do hair and make up or put on proper clothes (just me???) and so an audio-only platform is perfect…in fact its a real leveler…you are judged purely on what you say and how you say it, rather than what you or your office space look like.

It also means you can take part from anywhere you have your phone, so in those dead times while waiting for a train, or even while out running.

Should you jump in now?

Being an early adopter means you can claim your username…which can give you an advantage if you do want to use it in your business to build your brand.

Plus…you don’t have to do anything straight away, you can see how it evolves.

I haven’t really been an early adopter when it comes to social media channels in the past.

I didn’t start my Facebook page for my plus size fitness business until around 3 years into doing business…it now has 26K fans.

Nor instagram, nor YouTube, nor Tic Toc…my daughter uses my account because I can’t even cope with another platform to keep on top of, but this feels different.

I have no intention of going for the vanity metrics of numbers of followers, and instead use it to build proper relationships.

So come find me @juliecreffield

And for anyone wanting to know how to get their first 1000 followers and why that is kind of important on this app, check out this mini resource I created.

How to get your first 1000 clubhouse members

Edited 12/01/2021

Since writing this post the following things have happened

  • I have become a regular moderator in the daily UK Breakfast with Winners 6 AM Room
  • I am running 3 Tribe Leader Lounge Rooms (Mon 9am, Wed 9am and Fri 3pm)
  • I have driven around 500 leads to my email list
  • Grown my Instagram by 700 followers
  • Have been invited on to 3 world class podcasts
  • Have generated sales from my two passive income products (1000 follower guide and my Tribe Activation Toolkit)

If you are not using and leveraging this platform you are seriously leaving money on the table.

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