I have been having the clear out of all clear outs.

It’s what we do right? In the lead up to Xmas we make room for new stuff (well you do when you have kids that’s for sure) and then in the new year you have a bit of a declutter to start things fresh.

Back in December, I was obsessed with all things decluttering and run a range of webinars and FB lives on the topic of letting go.

My top prompts for things to think about include

A recap of the things to think about letting go of…

  • Lingering items on your to do list
  • Subscriptions you don’t need or use
  • Business relationships. Suppliers, Clients, Partners. (or if not decluttering maybe redefining)
  • Products and services you don’t want to do in 2020 (feel free to have a last hurrah if you like)
  • Physical reminders of past jobs and businesses (especially if they were failed or have bad energy)
  • Digital Files/Duplicates
  • Memes, Vision Boards, Affirmations that have lost their power
  • Books you don’t need to read again, or probably won’t ever read
  • Old tech that doesn’t work
  • Old note books (I struggle with this one)
  • Clear out your office space
  • Clothes you don’t need

But why is this important?

Look we only have a certain level of capacity at any one time, and as business owners often our goals are about getting more.

  • More money
  • More clients
  • More impact
  • More credibility
  • More freedom

But surely we have to make space for some of this new stuff to come our way.

We can look at decluttering almost like a chore, like one of those things we should do, or maybe even do under duress, when the desk or office becomes unworkable, or the PC becomes unusable.

But making space is actually a really smart business strategy….and alongside the decluttering, there is a visioning piece that can be done to metaphorically make space for the success you want in your business.

Let me give you an example.

When I made the decision to turn my blog into a business I knew I wanted to go BIG…my vision was to help 1 million inactive or overweight women to take up running.

My vision could equally have been to have a filled up week of one to one clients, and local success…I do very little locally.

I made space for massive growth, I made space for global PR, I made space (in my business model) for large group programme offerings, I made space for a 6 figure business.

If I had decided to go down the traditional running coach/Personal trainer route I’d have to deliver 2500 client facing sessions a year to make the same money…and I’m not sure locally I could find 2500 women willing to pay me to learn to run.

When I decided to move more into life and then business coaching, the same rules applied. YES I can work 121, and sometimes I do…but for me I know I can have more impact and make more money (plus keep my fees reasonable) if I work with groups…plus I believe there is added value in the communities I create.

There is this bullshit belief that to make more money you have to increase your productivity, work more hours, or charge more.

But there is another way.

On Monday I will be welcoming 300 women into my beginners running programme 5 weeks to 5K…these will be women from all over the world, accessing my coaching via the powers of the internet and modern technology.

This programme will lead to around £20,000 of income over the course of this year, as many of these women will go on to do other programmes with me, or buy kit or books to support their journey.

They will often also share their progress with their friends and on their social media channels, meaning I don’t have to give my hard-earned cash to Mark Zuckerberg…because my lead generation is primarily organic.

Growth doesn’t happen simply with harder work and time.

It works with making strategic decisions that fit with your skills and expertise, and what your clients need. So I ask you to consider what are you making space for in your business.

What could 300 new clients in your business in a week mean for you, or £3000 of cash?

If you would like to learn more about this way of thinking and test it out for yourself, I am running my first business coaching mini-course of the year…I say it’s a mini-course but actually it is jammed packed full of value.

What you will learn and apply in 10 days, other coaches might stretch it out to a 3-month programme, and charge 5 or 6 times the price. But I want to show you how easy it is to make sales and give you a process that you can rinse and repeat?


Because that’s what I would have loved to have had access to 6 years ago when I was struggling to grow my business and make the money I needed to make to live properly…I also know the 68 small business owners who have signed up so far, will make their money, and then rave about it to their business buddies.

Plus karma right?

A Grand in your hand starts on Friday 17th January and lasts for 10 days. Sign up now for £149 and have fun seeing how many times over you can make back that investment. Register Here

Photo by Guillermo Ferla on Unsplash