Growing up I was one of 6 kids.

We spent a lot of time in a herd of kids, often with friends from our street, or our cousins, and younger aunties and uncles playing footie at the end of the road or run outs.

Now as much as I love my family…those gatherings were not enough.

I wanted to hang out with others.

I wanted to hang out with folks that were different from me and my family, I also wanted to hang out with people who shared the same interests as me.

When I was around 8 years old I turned my brothers attic room into a public library, its a long story as to why, but I managed to convince everyone down my street to donate their books and I acquired a rubber stamp…and my love of bringing people together for a common goal was born.

I have been a facilitator my whole life.

I spent 12 years working as a freelance artist, trainer and consultant, and I’ve spent the last ten years online bringing people together…whether that’s 50K plus size runners, or 150 entrepreneurs who are shit scared of selling.

People want to be together.

Yes, we want to learn…but mostly we just want to be together.

I help small business owners design group programmes, I help them design campaigns around their business that unite existing and potential customers with a common vision for a greater good.

This is what I do.

I am not tweaking my services for Corona Virus…I am just offering a cohort 2 weeks earlier than planned and freezing the prices (because I’d be a bit of a dick to put them up)

In my running business that although is 90% online, still requires my women to get outside and run, I am launching something called Thrive Inside, where I will be offering a full service of family-friendly fitness, wellbeing and mindset sessions live and direct into peoples homes around the world….and all for £5 per month. (check out the proposition here and support the cause if you like)

Why….because we still need to congregate, we still need to come together with a common goal….we have to have shit to do, shit to think about, people to connect with.

Never has this been so important.

My daughter screamed at me at the school gate this morning “I don’t want you to home school me, you are rubbish at maths” I mean she has a point, but that wasn’t actually what she was worried about…she is worried about never seeing her friends again.

So I have arranged with the class teacher to offer a weekly zoom call for all the kids in her class….I spent years getting kids to engage in activities in real life…so this will be a doddle for me.

We must find solutions, we must be creative, and we must find ways of gathering.

Join me at 11am or 2pm today for a FREE workshop on the power of group programmes, or book in a call with me so I can show you how I can help you step up as a leader right now in your business. Your clients need you. The world needs you