Grow & Activate Your Tribe in Just 7 Days

Fed up of trying to grow your audience and still, nobody buys? or maybe you have sales, but just not in the numbers you'd like, to seriously grow your business.

This ultimate guide to tribe building contains everything you need to know to wrap your head around audience growth and activation. Start collecting buyers rather than browsers.


What's in the bundle?

The Activate Your Tribe Toolkit has some of my best resources for helping small business owners grow profitable communities around their business...and the good news is, it won't take you months to get your head around it all.

The Fundamentals of Tribe Building

This mini-course will give you all of the theory you need to know to get cracking, dispelling the myths and giving you a clear strategy

Let's Get Engaged Social Media Planner

A simple monthly planner to help you sketch out your engagement goals and tactics

The Hands Up Client Identification Technique

Help your ideal client find you with this simple technique for getting folks to come to you

The Ultimate Guide to Containers

101 creative ways to bring people into your world, both online and off

Tribe Leader Archetypes Overview

Find out who you are as a leader, and how you can use the archetypes to increase your mastery in audience growth

The Shine Bright Method

Learn how to use the archetypes to shine with your online messaging, without having to have a detailed content strategy

Imagine building an army of buyers and advocates for your business instead of just browsers and passive followers in 2021?

What do my clients say about my work?

I clarified my mission and established a community, which in less than 4 months has grown to over 4000 wonderful women.”

Heather Waring

I can really see the difference in both myself and my business..”

Rachel Allen

Working with Julie has been like a rocket up my bum! I now have a wait list for my services..”

Maria Antoniou

My husband said, "Wow you've really upped your game" based on things Julie got me to do".”

Dipti Solanki

She pushed me to think bigger and stop with the bullshit excuses.”

James Burns

Such an impact, it had me up at 1am reading, writing, and planning to take over the world.”

Sharon Austin

About Me

“My name is Julie Creffield and I am a master tribe builder, having built communities that have impacted millions of people around the world, I now teach small business owners how to create movements that matter, supporting them to build profitable communities of buyers not just browsers.

With 20+ years of experience as a community engagement strategist, with a specialism in reaching hard to reach groups, I know the true power of bringing people together to change the world

In the past 7 years I have created two 6 figure coaching businesses and previously worked as a consultant for major brands and organizations, including helping to recruit 70,000 games makers for the London 2012 Games "

— Julie Creffield

Increase Your Tribe Mastery in Just 7 Days

Give yourself a week or maybe even just 20 minutes a week as a bit of a top up when you get stuck. This ultimate guide contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices of organic audience building.

And all for just £47*


* The contents of this bundle are worth well over £300 and the price may go up at any time.