I had the funniest discovery call yesterday.

A friend and colleague who is potentially interested in doing my new One to Many programme phoned me to ask some questions about whether it would be a good fit for his business.

He said,

“You know it’s a beta round? Does this mean it’s going to be new and cutting edge or just a bit shit”

Which cracked me up.

I am a massive fan of beta testing or piloting new things.

It is what I encourage all of my business coaching clients to do in their work.

  • Beta testing is not just doing something for the first time
  • Beta testing doesn’t give you permission to cut corners
  • Beta testing isn’t about underdelivering
  • Beta testing isn’t about just winging it and hoping for the best

You should only really be beta testing the delivery model, not the actual content/expertise.

Trying something out because you think you might be good at it, is asking for trouble.

I have been running group programmes for more than 20 years, I have been delivering online group programmes, courses and challenges for the past 7…I know my shit.

I am however still beta testing my new group programme, not because I don’t know if it is any good. But because I am testing a range of factors associated with the delivery of the programme, and testing its viability for me.

Plus it gives folks the chance to work with me at a discounted rate.

I once met this woman in an online group I am part of who sunk her life savings into creating an online course that a few of her clients had asked for. She invested heavily in the tech, and spent a year creating of the resources, but when she took it to market there wasn’t a drop of interest.


My online programme One to Many walks coaches, experts, speakers and consultants through a process, where at every step of the development process we sense check the concept and the viability of the programme.

We design, create and fill the right programme, and take it to market quickly, without a heap of fuss, without a heap of money or time being wasted.

And I share with you the key factors that will make your programme one that folks will rave about.

Trust me there are heaps of courses out there that never make the creator any money, there are heaps of online programmes that people buy and never complete, they just sit there gathering dust.

This is not that!!!

This is about creating a transformative experience that you take a bunch of clients on, whether that’s learning, exploring, implementing, or experiencing.

And it’s my job to make sure it’s not Shite…even if it is a beta round.

5 years ago I beta tested an online 5K runners programme, more than 3000 women have been through that programme, it became a best selling book, and I was commissioned to deliver it on national TV on This Morning.

This time last year I got the idea for a programme for business owners called Tribe Builder…I beta tested it with 18 clients, and now more than 80 small business owners have been through it.

The programme has generated an additional £50K to my business and helped position me as an expert.

Just because something is packaged up in a new way for the first time doesn’t mean its not of excellent quality. What you are paying for as a participant of a beta round is not the packaging, it’s the transformation…so as long as you do not underdeliver on that, it’s all good.

If you are interested in beta testing One to Many, check out the details here. What expertise could you package up into group programme and test?

Photo by Christine Benton on Unsplash
Anyone else think the woman in this picture looks like me? It’s not