There are 20 days left of this decade.

And I for one am reflecting on how far I have come in the last 10 years.

In 2010 I was working as a consultant on the London 2012 games, I had a number of different contracts working in the cultural and sports sector, bringing communities together to help them have a voice or get involved in the games in some way.

I had just met the man I thought I was going to marry, was a recent homeowner, and was still very much finding out who I was and what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I think you realise as you get older how little you knew in your younger days, but also with hindsight, we realise how easy we had it, ten years ago I may not have been so clear on who I was, but I had a fearlessness around just giving things ago which seems to have changed over the years.

Things change. We change. The world changes.

And if I have learned anything is the power we each have to turn our lives around if we should choose to do so, and that anything (and I do mean anything) is possible when you get clear on your vision for it.

So anyway I thought it would be fun to write a list of 10 things I didn’t know back in 2010…


I didn’t know I would become founder of a global plus size fitness business – I set up Too Fat to Run in 2010 as a bit of a joke after coming last in a race


I didn’t know I would be made redundant AGAIN – I lost my job 4 times in 10 years…the final time I was pregnant with my daughter


I didn’t know that having a child would be the thing to save me – Dramatic I know, but having a daughter gave me the courage to make one of the biggest decisions of my life. Rose teaches me how to be a better human being, every single day.


I didn’t know what a powerful coach I would become – I’d always been a facilitator…but getting some proper training as a coach and allowing myself to coach properly has been life-changing


I didn’t know I had SERIOUS money blocks I had to work on – I seriously though rich people were evil…bit of a problem when you need to be able to make charge properly in a business


I didn’t know how much I would love sharing my story from the stage – I used to have serious stage fright even with small audiences…and now I get a proper buzz in front of a big audience


I didn’t know I would do a TEDx talk – My uncle at a recent family, told me this was one of his proudest accolades, having a niece that has done one…have you seen it? Here’s the link


I didn’t know that my skills and experience as a community builder would come in handy – I have been building communities for more than 25 years…who knew that business owners would need this skill. I realised that one of the reasons my online communities are so powerful is because I learned how to bring people together and keep them happy and engaged in the real world…and many coaches and business leaders haven’t got this expertise.


I didn’t know how lucky I would be to travel the world – I have been lucky enough to travel to 24 different countries, some of them multiple times and often paid for as part of my business. More of this in 2020 and beyond please…although I’d actually like to have a bit of a holiday rather than lots of travel for work….and saying that, maybe a relocation is on the cards too.


I didn’t know I would impact on so many peoples lives – This is a weird one to write because it sounds a bit big-headed, but I know my online programmes have directly impacted on around 15,000 lives, and probably close to 10 million people have read one of my blogs or books, or read about me in a magazine or seen me on TV (which blows my mind)

It has been one hell of a decade alright.

It has taught me my value and power as a woman, and as a business owner.

It has taught me to define my life on my terms, and it has empowered me to believe that I can truly make a difference.

What did you not know at the beginning of the decade?

Why not post your own list on social media and tag me in it (because I’m just nosy) using the #iblamejulie hashtag

Love Always


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