The Urgent Case For Niching Your Solopreneur Business Niche in 2024

What do people say about you behind your back?

Your business, I mean your business? What do they say about your business behind your back?

  • Your Clients
  • Your Collaborators
  • Your Cheerleaders
  • Your Competitors
  • Your Critics

Each of these groups of people have a role to play in helping (or not) you to grow your business.

Let’s take the first 3.

How do they refer to your work, how do they describe what you do, are you easily referable when someone shows up with the problem you help folks solve? Your clients, your collaborators, your cheerleaders they are like an untapped marketing squad if you empower them to be so.

Word of mouth marketing and referrals are such an underrated way of finding new clients. But if your people can’t articulate clearly what you do and for who…why would they recommend you?

Whether you are an expert, a coach, a speaker or even in a specific industry, if you are not the first name on someone lips despite them knowing you exist you have one of three problems

  1. You are either shit at what you do
  2.  You haven’t made it easy enough for people to refer you
  3. Other people are higher up the list of being an expert


Now look…I know that is a bit harsh a bit mean, but sometimes we need to face up to these truths.

OK…so now let’s think about the other two

  • Your Competitors
  • Your Critics

These folks exist whether you pretend they don’t or not.

And they impact on how you show up, or at least they can do if you let it.

But it is not all bad news. You can totally redefine your niche, reposition your expertise, launch a credibility campaign that changes EVERYTHING, and it doesn’t have to take a million years. 

I know, I have done it many many times before.

I have been helping Solopreneurs to nail their niche and get clarity on how they talk about their work for 5 years in the online space, and for a lot longer in “the real world” And one of the things I notice often is how reluctant some people are to claim their expertise…and I am not even just talking about newbies.

I have worked with business owners, experts with 20+ years experience, PHDs ad other qualifications coming out their backside and still they are like, 

“Who am I to claim that?”

The truth is there are people less qualified than you out there making money from the thing you do better, simply because the communicate it better, and build trust with their buyers more.

Whether they can deliver on their promises is a whole other thing.

You must nail your niche…now more than ever.

There is a lot of fear around about the cost of living crisis, businesses going under, everyone tightening their belt. We get to believe what we believe. What I would say is that people are still investing, in all sorts of things, but they are being more discerning. Maybe their buying behaviours have changed, they do more research, they get multiple quotes, they take their time, they want to know what they are getting into.

But to even get them considering you in the first place, you have to be visible, and be on their radar.

That’s where I can help

Whether you are new to the business, questioning if you want to even do what you do anymore, or are long in the game and looking to freshen things up a bit…I have just the thing.

My Nail Your Niche to Make More Money programme is back for the 5th time….and I for one am super excited to get started.

Over 3 days we will get you the clarity you need to move forward confidently when it comes to attracting AND activating your ideal clients in 2024. 

Plus you will get the chance to put your business and it’s messaging in front of a bunch of people that don’t know you, which is always a great learning experience.

With brand new videos, hand-outs and mini challenges, Nail Your Niche to Make More Money is going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, so come and get involved. 

And it is totally FREE to come and take part so what you waiting for?

NOT a FREE Challenge kinda person?

I get it, you are a busy person, you might not want to do this work with other people watching…or maybe next weeks dates just don’t work for you.

I have a number of 121 packages and an amazing signature programme that helps with the niching piece, helping you to scale your ambition, your authority and your audience with the right marketing hook and positioning framework for maximum potential.

If you want to have a chat about what this could look like, why not book in a call.