Ever have a brilliant idea pop into your head that is super inspiring and exciting, and maybe even a bit scary? But you know it is something you really want to do?

But then…

You start playing out all of the tasks that lay ahead of you to achieve the goal, and before you know it you have talked yourself out of it…telling yourself it was a silly idea anyway?

Sound familiar?

The thing is, anything worth having in this life normally takes a bit of work, requiring time, effort, resources, information…it is never straightforward, and for that reason, big life changing plans can feel overwhelming, scary…complex.

It is no wonder we stay in our comfort zone.

But what if we made a deal with our self to just take the very first step, with no pressure, no expectation, no concern about the steps after that? What if we just took action of the very first thing on the list and dealt with the rest of it at a later date?

Would that be super scary?

When I signed up for the London Marathon back in 2011 I could barely run to the top of my road. If I had worried about a training plan, the right trainers to wear, how to fuel, the fact I’d have to train with other people, the chaffing, the pain, the fatigue…well I would never have got round to running that race…and my life would be so much different to where I am now,

When I look back at all of the significant achievements in my life, I can trace each and every one of them back to some kind of mundane reasonably pedestrian step…and action that often required something as simple as saying yes to an opportunity, typing my details into a website or handing over my credit card.

Don’t for a moment think I am minimalising the effort it requires to take the first step.

It is scary, it takes courage…it requires a massive leap of faith.

But god does it make you feel alive.

And most of the time it leads you to places you could never have expected.

Over the years I have got better and better at taking these first steps…I find it easier to identify them, to act on them more promptly, to appreciate their power.

It has helped me channel my fear and kick-start some incredible adventure and it could do exactly the same for you.

Next week I embark on a new adventure, again instigated by a first step.

I bought a book.

A book from a lady I look up to, a speaker and coach I aspire to be like in many ways.

She lives in the USA so the book was the closest I could get to her for the time being, but my intention even at the time of purchasing the book was to work more closely with her, to see her in action.

A few days after reading the book I found myself taking part in a FREE webinar she was hosting….and then I found myself taking out my credit card and buying her (reasonable I thought) online programme.

Then a few weeks into this programme I received an email stating as part of this course delegates got a free ticket to her conference in SAN DIEGO!!!!!!

I must admit at this point for a while my excitement was momentarily overtaken with my mind monkeys making me question how this could ever be possible. Childcare? Finances? Workload? Fear?

But then I found some cheap flights, arranged an air b&b apartment and childcare…and now on Thursday I fly to a part of the world I have always wanted to visit, to meet a woman I know will change my life.

Next week I go to see Lisa Nichols at her event called…wait for it….”How to speak and write to make millions” ha ha, I know its very American, a bit in your face…and not really on brand for me and my “No Bullshit” way of doing things.

But Lisa Nichols and I are not that dissimilar, we both come from quite humble beginnings and we both understand the power we have to change our lives and the lives of others through inspired action and self-belief.

Next week is a big week for me, in fact May is a massive month for me…as I launch the next round of my Living a Bigger Life group programme, a programme that helps women to be more decisive, to take inspired action, to have faith that things will unfold once you take the first step towards your goals.

60 women have gone through this programme so far, 60 women who were brave enough to take the first step…not knowing really what was to come, trusting that I would look after them, that I would help them move towards their goals and get enormous value from their investment.

Lucy from Brighton said,

This course changed my life!

I have realised that normal people can do extraordinary things, and now I’m really considering my purpose and myself-worth

She took just one simple step, and the rest is now unfolding. In the last 3 months she has committed to launching a new business, is writing a book…but also she reports back on smaller more intangible results around speaking up more at work and being more confident.

How would that feel for you?

How would it feel to just have to take one step and know all this other stuff is just round the corner?

The May cohort starts on the 28th May. You have until the 18th to sign up or until the available places have sold (Whichever comes first). There is also an earlybird price for anyone super ready to take the first step and sign up before the 11th May…in fact, I tell you what? Take the step right now, right this moment, before today is up and I will throw in a 121 intensive session with me…to really kick start and support your goal.

Click here to find out more about this transformational programme

It is just one step…not just with my course…but with anything you want from life but have been putting off, convincing yourself it’s not really for you… cos it’s too expensive, it’s not the right time, and of course you will do it at some other point in your life.

But if not now…then when?

Take the first step…see where it might take you.

40,000 runners took that step just over a year ago, and on Sunday 99% of them crossed the finish line of the London Marathon heroes. They covered 26.2 miles…a distance that started with just one step.

A decision which made each and every one of them a hero.

It took just one step….to sign up to something which they believed would change their life.