At the weekend a heap of women from my running business Too Fat to Run? braved the elements and ran 5K…nothing new about that you might think…it is a running business after all.

But here’s the thing.

If they were not in my running group, its quite possible they wouldn’t have run…because on the last Sunday of the month we do something called #OneBigFatRun a FREE virtual 5K.

If I am being 100% honest…if it wasn’t for yesterdays #OBFR I wouldn’t have run 5K either.

You see I was away for a friends birthday, and after a gin fuelled evening of great fun and laughter, the prospect of running for almost an hour did not look that inviting.

But I had said I would do it.

So do it I must.

Now not everyone is programmed like me.

I call this the shame and fame school of motivation…where you use the carrot of fame, and the stick of shame as drivers to do the thing you said you would do.

It’s motivated me in all manners of ways over the years.

It can work really well in business too, especially when procrastination, self-sabotage, laziness, fear, lack of time, lack of focus can all keep us stuck.

When you surround yourself with other people working on similar things to you, you find yourself saying if they can do it so can I, and if I commit to taking action then I should…because I don’t want to get left behind.

Here are 3 top ways to build accountability into your business,

Number One – Post about your goals publically

This can be anything from announcing dates for events, sharing your sales or sign up targets, your vision for scaling up, your intentions for people you want to work with…all kinds of goals.

You can call this law of attraction “release it to the universe” kinda stuff, or you can simply call this putting it out there so more and more people will see it, leading to more traction and more action on your behalf to avoid failure and embarrassment.

You have to be OK with not hitting your target too…but I find this super powerful as a driver for taking action.

Number Two – Get yourself an accountability buddy

I have a number of accountability buddies, one I speak to every Monday morning, some dear friends that I touch base with every week or so, and a high-level mastermind who I meet up with bi-monthly.

This is a two-way thing though…this is collaborative in as much as they are also going to expect you to keep them accountable. So you have to be willing to hold space for the other person/people.

This approach works because there is nothing worse than having someone you know say, “how come you didn’t do what you said you were going to last time” or knowing that you keep harping on about the same shit in your business…its only a matter of time until a good accountability buddy will call you out on your bullshit excuses as to why.

Also, I think this approach helps you to clarify your goals in the first place….just saying them out loud to people who know you can be brilliant.

Number Two – Get yourself a coach

Now, of course, I am going to say that as I am a coach, or at least I use coaching techniques alongside my work as a community engagement specialist and business strategist.

I am a massive advocate of having mentors and coaches in your life that you aspire to, that you respect, that you want to be told “Well done” for a job well done.

My business only started to see real traction after I started becoming accountability to my selected mix of business coaches, advisors and coaching groups I was part of.

For sure you can get some of this in all those free groups you find yourself in. But guess what?..the coaches in those groups don’t really give a toss about the answers in those posts #justsaying…they are normally used for algorithm and engagement rather than real accountability…and nobody else cares either for that matter.

Being part of a proper well thought out coaching process, especially one you have paid for is going to have you take the most amount of action…I see it in all of the coaching groups I run…they have paid for this expertise, this facilitation, this accountability and therefore they show up and do the work because they want the results right?

It isn’t easy motivating yourself day in day out week after week as a small business owner…we are our own bosses, and that can have for some interesting internal discussions about working hours, deadlines and productivity levels.

I for one would not have written this blog post today if I hadn’t committed to my coach and my Tribe Builder clients that I would write a blog post every day until the end of the year.

Just one day off wouldn’t hurt would it?

It absolutely would….maybe nobody would notice, maybe nobody reads these anyway, the main thing is letting myself down…we make commitments to ourselves for a reason, so by building accountability tricks in, it increases the likelihood of us reaching our goals

So, for that reason…I will be upholding my part of the deal.

See you back in here tomorrow.

Oh by, the way, have you seen I am running a FREE online challenge next week called Dare to Dream, it is all about how to set a big enough vision for next year in your business.

Feel free to add your business besties and accountability buddies to the challenge…the more the merrier right? Plus, having people you actually know aside from me in the group will keep you more engaged…cos that’s how this shit works!!!

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Feature photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

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