the myth of overnight success

How long you been running your business?

A year, five years, ten?

Still working towards the success you know you are capable are? Yup…me too.

I am a business growth strategist with 20 odd years of experience…and NO, I don’t think I’ve reached my potential yet. 

It can feel frustrating, it can feel a bit “when is it going to be my turn” as you see others seemingly move ahead of you in your industry.

How often do you think “WOW where did they come from?”, when you see a new kid on the block, a Facebook advert that flashes up on your phone, an expert on the tele, an author promoting their best selling book.

It’s easy to think…wow look at them, they have got their shit together, they know how to get what they want, lucky so and so, an incredible overnight success story.

But the truth is very few people actually become overnight stars.

OK so occasionally you’ll have a completely unknown singer, or actor, or internet influencer, who will catch a bit of media momentum and seemingly get projected into the limelight and become superstars over night…but I swear that represents like 0.000000001%

For most people who appear to have hit a sweet spot, or find themselves getting a heap of promotion or profile, what you probably haven’t seen is the decade of hard graft that came before them, the 10,000 hours plus of perfecting their craft, the failures, the heartache, the diversions they took, the bits that didn’t go as planned.

THAT is the reality for most of us.

Take me for example.

I spent 12 years working as a community artist, project manager and consultant before having my daughter Rose, and setting up my plus size fitness business Too Fat to Run….a venture I created out of necessity, rather than any desire to become a plus-size fitness sensation lol…I mean come on let’s face it nobody sets out to regularly have to pose in lycra for a job…erm ok maybe some people do.

I’ve also spent the last 10 years growing my personal brand as a speaker, coach and strategist.


  • Grown an audience of 50,000 ✅
  • Launched a clothing range ✅
  • Been featured in the media in more than 50 countries ✅
  • Travelled internationally as an influencer ✅
  • Keynoted at conferences globally and done a TEDx ✅
  • Worked with 3000+ business owners during a global pandemic ✅
And yet, earlier this year when I made my splash into the new social media platform that was Clubhouse, growing an audience of almost 10,000 in just a few weeks, there were a heap of people thinking “WHO IS THIS WOMAN…I’VE NEVER HEARD OF HER BEFORE???” and folks flocked around me like bees around honey…and trust me not all of the attention was the good type.

Business growth takes time.

Business growth takes focus, strategy and testing of a range of different tactics.

I am not necessarily saying it will take you 10 years to grow your personal brand (cos face it some of us don’t have 10 years to wait) but I think we need to look at the BIGGER PICTURE sometimes and give ourselves some credit for all of the things we have done up until this point, that are very much part of our future success story. 

Nothing works in your business unless you are willing to do the work.

YES…I believe in exponential growth, I have taken some massive leaps over the last few years…in terms of income, impact and influence and I’ve seen many of my clients do this too…am I lucky NOPE, do I attract opportunities by putting myself in the right place to leverage them? 100%

And that is what business growth strategy is about.

For me its about 3 things

  1. Scaling your ambition
  2. Scaling your audience
  3. Scaling your authority

But it starts with commitment to growth and an acknowledgement that you have to put in some effort.

Please don’t believe the marketing hype out there…the hacks, the “I can make you a 6 figure business owner in 6 weeks” bullshit, the “lets all elevate and live in a 5D world where EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE (even though your fridge is empty, and you have an email list of 5 lol)

Success starts and ends with YOU

So heres to SUCCESS, yours and mine 

Love Always

Julie xxxx


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