How many GREAT ideas do you let pass you by because you…

A. Don’t back yourself to turn them into a thing?

B. Have too many ideas on the go to focus?

C. Don’t have good enough ideas in the first place?

What if I showed you a way of triggering, sorting and cultivating ideas so that you never have to worry about this stuff again?

What if I showed you how to take a seed of an idea and turn it into a viable project that can bring you money, opportunity and all the good feels that creativity brings, when you take time to actually get creative?

What do you reckon?

Wanna come play?

THe Challenge Starts as soon as you register...but the first live call is on the 1st March


But why julie???

I have a 1st class degree (With honours) in Performing Arts, and a Masters Degree in Multimedia Design and Culture

I have worked as a practicing artist for more than 25 years

I have created hundreds of concepts, products, services, programmes, campaigns, projects and movements

The ideas within my online businesses have impacted millions of people around the world

I attract a real range of people to my work

I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life

I have a tried and tested process for taking new things to market

My live trainings are a lot of fun, I make them informative, easy to action and results based

You want in????