The world has gone online.

People have created income streams out of nowhere overnight, and all around you people are sharing their success stories of how easy it was to monetise their expertise.

A lot of that will be bullshit.

Creating an online programme can be a ballache.

Even if you are an expert in your thing, even if you are 100% confident that people need it, and that it will sell.

The process of getting the stuff from your head into a deliverable programme takes time, resources and expertise.

All of which can feel like is in short supply at times right now.

But September is looming…you know that magical time where the world thinks the world will be back to normal…I reckon the world won’t, but I do think September/October is a good time to be launching your thing into the world.

And the good news is…a lot of folks won’t even be thinking about knuckling down and cracking on with it until after the summer.

So what makes me such an expert on all this stuff?

I have been creating, launching and delivering online programmes for a decade…and devising group programmes and experiences in the real world for more than 20 years.

And let me tell you the 3 most common reasons people don’t get round to creating profitable online programmes,

  1. Prioritisation
  2. Overwhelm
  3. Comparisonitus

Designing, launching and delivering online programmes does take a consertive effort…it is never passive (those internet marketerrs are lying), but 90% of the work is done upfront…and then it is easier.

But as humans we are not wired like that are we…we want quick wins, with stuff we already know how to do.

And this leads me nicely into overwhelm. There are so many ways to do it. I created a little resource earlier in the year sharing my fav 9 ways of monetising expertise (you can download it here)…but deciding on the format is only part of the issue.

There is the content, the tech, the timings, the ideal client, the price point, the marketing strategy…not to mention the sales EEEEEEEKKKK

Yeah…we’ll get round to it one day right?

But it’s annoying because we see other people in our space making money online and that can trigger all kinds of emotions…jealousy, rage, contempt.

You start to see what a crowded market it is, and you wonder if anyone will ever buy your thing…I mean less than 10% of people who buy an online programme complete it…whats the point hey?

The point is, if you do it properly online programmes can be hugely profitable, and more importantly to me (hugely impactful). I know a lot of shit…and I can help a lot of people, but not if I have to work with them one to one.

I am running a new cohort of my popular programme One to Many. This is not a mass…get everyone in a Facebook group and let them fend for themselves type of programme, this is a fully facilitated bespoke programme of learning, support and accountability.

I teach you everything you need to know to design, launch, sell and deliver a profitable group programme…and I do it in 8 weeks….yes your programme will have people on it, in less than 2 months.

Check out more about how the programme works here

FYI – I have put a prize freeze on this until the end of 2020

There are just 10 spots on the programme though, so if you want in…then you’d better act quickly.

We start on the 10th August.

On Thursday this week I am running a FREE webinar all about how to make your programmes profitable, where I will be sharing behind the scenes info on two of my 6 figure group programmes.

You can sign up for that here

Look…there are a lot of business coaches teaching this stuff, and you have to feel like working with a coach makes sense right now, so here are the questions you really should be asking yourself

  1. Will you do this by yourself
  2. Do you have all of the know how to do it and not mess it up
  3. Do you enjoy working in a small group with others on the same path (This is a massive benefit of my One to Many Programme compared to many others on the market)
  4. Are you serious about creating a new income stream
  5. Are group programmes part of a strategy for growth beyond these crazy times?

If you want a quick chat about any of this drop me a text 07961 374 772

Good luck…and don’t keep your genius locked inside of you head