OMG…like my fav topic in the whole wide world.

This morning on Breakfast Minus the Bullshit, my daily Clubhouse business show we were talking all things books. Earlier in the week we spoke about writing them, and today we spoke about reading them.

Our fav ones

The ones we just didn’t get


The ones that sit on our bookshelves waiting for the perfect time to be read.

Anyway, it was such a juicy show I decided to compile a list of some of them.

The ones that changed us…

We also invited lots of folks up onto the stage to share theirs and to my joy there were loads I’d never head of, so they are now on order

I am sure there were more, but those are the ones I remembered.

Books change us.

The books that we are gifted do too.

So why not switch off your screens this weekend and curl up with a good book…the old fashioned way.

Do join us on Breakfast Minus the Bullshit over on clubhouse every week day morning from 7-9am, you can find me @juliecreffield and if you haven’t got your head around how to leverage clubhouse yet here is my pop up guide

I will be looking for guest moderators and topic ideas for future shows, so come and get involved.

Oh and finally on the topic of books…why not add my one to your pile, Leading from the Back, how to grow a profitable online business without burning out, selling out or behaving like a dick.

I have been blown away by the feedback I have got about this book. A book which I headed off to Greece for 8 weeks to write in September last year.

Order it here

PS. The books above are all affiliate links (I mean why not right??) It’s called Leveraging your audience.

And on that note, I am launching something new on the 1st March and am looking for 25 small business owners who are interested in working with me on how to increase their influence, impact, and income via the vehicle of community building. Drop me an email to to find out more.

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