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Why is it so hard for some to ask for help

Asking for help always feels a bit hard, but for some of us it feels like life or death, and we avoid it at any cost in our small business…we need to STOP doing that.

What Data are you processing in your business?

What are the metrics of success that matter to you in your small business? And how far away from reaching them are you? Do you even have a baseline? Even know what targets to set? Let me help

Have you done the 10 year test?

Getting caught up in this years goals, maybe you need to play around a bit with the concept of time, to get clear on what you think is possible over the next 12 months.

My business review 2022

My business review 2022 I write a review of my business every year. Why? I find the process of writing them cathartic, I enjoy reading the previous years and seeing what has changed, and one of my driving values is transparency…so I love sharing the behind-the-scenes of my business and life PLUS, a lot has …

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The truth about hitting the wall

We all have moments of challenge in our business and life, and yes sometimes we hit a wall, but it doesn’t need to mean game over, it could be that you just need to readjust a little.

3 Hard to Ignore Reasons You Need to Focus on Your Niche NOW

Does your business messaging bring all the clients to your yard? Do you have people talking about you behind your back in a good way, or do you struggle to communicate how you are different to everyone else out there? Here are 3 hard to ignore reasons you need to work on your niching NOW.