If you haven’t ever worked on your money mindset I’d suggest you work on it now.

I started working with Denise Duffield Thomas back in 2015…I was broke as a joke, hated rich people, and refused to buy cucumbers because they had doubled in price.

I love fucking cucumber (ok so that sounds a bit wrong)

If you haven’t read Get Rick, Lucky Bitch go read it…and if you hate the title of the book, you probably need to read it more than others

Look people. I am a business owner, an entrepreneur. I make money from selling online programmes. I have made my living doing this for more than 6 years.

Before that, I worked as a freelance artist, trainer and later a consultant on the Olympics. I also come from a very working-class background where most of the men work in a trade, and most of the women are carers of some sort.

Poor money mindset and being hard wired to negativity runs deep…and that is why I knew I needed to get my money mindest right.

When I first started my plus-size fitness business I used to run in person workshops for £39…for less than forty quid these women got…

  • A day of my coaching
  • A tshirt
  • A resource pack
  • A goodie bag

What the hell was I thinking?

What I am seeing right now in the world is a whole heap of panic (understandably so) I am seeing whole professions being asked to give their services for free…talk about throw people under a bloody bus.

If you have real expertise and experience you should not be giving that hard-earned asset away…do some freebies, give some resources, allocate some time to help…for sure, but stop charging all together or slash your prices so much that you price everyone else out of the game?


Yes, things are bloody scary, yes people are out of work, yes we will all need to change how we see things. But the economy won’t ever recover if we all work for a bloody pittance.

Here are the choices I feel we have right now…

  • Crack on as if CV didn’t happen
  • Crack on with our existing expertise and just tweak the messaging or tactics
  • Do something completely different to what you are known for because you are afraid

We will be judged for how we show up now. For the leadership we show. Our people will be watching. And to be fair…our people are the ones most likely to buy from us, its why growing a tribe in the first place is so important FFS.

People will still be spending money, we just need to be more creative about how we position ourselves and the marketing tactics we use.

But here is a thought…whatever your values and your passions were 6 months ago….start there, go back to what you get out of bed for (and no not the eternal search for bog roll) and take some time to think about your next move.

Don’t have the heart to sell right now? Sure thing…

  • Invest in your development
  • Write your book (check out Write Now) I’m working on one at the moment
  • Learn how to create a new aligned income stream (This is what I am genius at btw…just did a 45 minute call with an illustrator, and she now has a kick-arse plan for not only surviving but fucking thriving)

Here’s a thing though.

Please stop making up stories about how people are going to behave in the coming months, we don’t bloody know.

What I do know though is everything we do moving forward is a choice.

  • To invest or not invest
  • To sell or not to sell
  • To discount or not to discount
  • To work for free or not to work for free


I’m keeping calm and cracking on.

I will continue to sell my online programmes that help small business owners make more money online.

One to Many starts on Monday and is a fast track way of taking your expertise online using a group programme one to many model. This programme was supposed to be going up in price and I have made the decision to keep it at its current price because it didn’t feel good to put it up…oh and I am offering an extended payment plan.

I am also continuing to invest. I will invest in staff, I will invest in freelance services, I will invest in professional development…because the worst thing I can do personally right now is going into a lack mindset…I’ve been there and it ain’t good for me.

But again no judgement

Do what works for you.

Stay strong, stay safe, and stay sane…most of all though keep selling and keep buying. Let’s keep money inflow between the people who need it most. Money just like baked beans should not be stockpiled…too much of it in your possession gives you wind and loses you friends.

Julie is a serial entrepreneur and expert community engagement expert from East London. Download her FREE guide “9 ways to take your genius online” and give her a shout if you need a bit of a rocket up the arse pep talk

THE DEADLINE FOR ONE TO MANY IS TODAY FOLKS…SO GET IN TOUCH IF YOU WANT MORE INFO (and yes I am shouting…not because I am mad, but because my finger slipped on my keyboard and I can’t be arsed to change it back now ha ha)

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash