When is the last time you made a BIG decision based on trust, based on gut instinct, based on desire…and the feeling that it was just something you wanted to do?

Do you allow yourself that freedom in your business, or are you still following “the rules” still looking for “the right way”?

When I was 16 I made the choice to stay at 6th form and do a BTEC in Performing Arts, when many of my peers were off to college, or to do “proper” subjects.

Did it make sense? Hmm? Not really…A Levels would have been a better choice to get into University, or possibly even getting a job…but I wasn’t seen as academic by my teachers, so they never really encouraged me to take that path.

I made this decision based on 3 things,

  1. I thought it would be fun
  2. It was something I was good at
  3. I knew I’d be OK in the end

I didn’t need to know where it would lead to, I didn’t need reassurances that it would result in a high paid job, I just needed to understand myself and know that whatever I put my hand to I could make sense of.

I have made every career decision based on this.

My career path has not been linear, but its been an absolute adventure, and every job, contract and opportunity I’ve had, has 100% lead me to what I’m doing now.

Even working as a barmaid, even packing salad, even delivering minicab cards door to door.

As business owners, especially solopreneurs planning our next steps there is this tendency for us to want to control everything…to know all the flipping answers…which is bloody ridiculous.

It’s almost as though we want a structured career path laid out in front of us, to simply follow as instructed.

Has 2020 not taught us anything?

There are no guarantees, there are no sure things, nobody can really promise anything.

And just think of all that wasted energy trying to stay on the path, the path that you don’t even know leads to where you want to get to?

So what is the alternative?




Instead of needing to control, we can simply trust that WE have the resources and ability to get to where we want to get to, and have an unwavering belief that the adventure along the way will be fulfilling, interesting and absolutely part of the jigsaw of the final destination that we crave….or something better.

Yes we can plan

Yes we can dream

Yes we can build for the future

But the more you try to pin things down indefinitely, the more you limit the opportunities to find alignement, because what you choose for you now, might not be what you need in a years time, it might not be what the world needs in a year time.

Cos guess what?

We change, the world changes, everything bloody changes…and that is not a bad thing.

So stop trying to micromanage your existence in the world, stop searching for all of the answers, the best way, the most effective, efficient way, the way that’s going to make you the most amount of success the fastest.


Stop. Listen. Take action.

Based on who you are, what you desire, and what you know to be true in this moment.

Then we stop and do this over and over again.

Day after day, week after week, year after year.

That my friends is the wonderful world of entrepreneurship.

Julie Creffield is a business coach and community engagement strategist with 20+ years experience of building, scaling and leveraging communities, online and off.

Her latest book Leading from the Back is now available as an ebook

It is a book about building a profitable online business that is aligned to who you are, giving you permission to do it on your own terms and to bring people with you.


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