Julie Creffield is an engaging, funny and impactful speaker on the topics of community engagement and tribe building, whether that be for small business owners or organisations who want to mobalise their workforce.

She uses her experience of growing a global fitness business, being involved in the recruitment process for the 70,000 gamesmakers for the London 2012 games, and helping entrepreneurs to scale their businesses by putting community at the heart of them.

Julie has been building, nurturing and monetising communities for as long as she can remember, in a career that stretches back 20+ years across a range of sectors. She approaches her speaking like she approaches most things with creativity and gusto.

Virtual speaking is not a new concept for Julie, and she has been presenting at conferences without actually being there since as far back as 2012, she is great for inserting energy into virtual summits and digital events, where she uses her skills as a creative facilitator to get delegates engaged, even if they are sat behind their screens across the globe.

She can help turn your programme into more of an experience….without making anyone feel like an idiot or a killjoy.

As a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association of the UK, and member of the Global Speakers Federation she takes her craft seriously and is always honing her message and delivery to give the best talks she can, whether that’s in a training setting to 12 small business owners or to 300 startups at a conference.

In 2008 she did a Tedx Talk about her plus-size fitness business and work as a transformational life coach called Living a Bigger Life, and she has spoken on stages in more than 10 countries so far. With an energising mix of spoken word, storytelling, high impact content and motivation, she is brilliant for that after lunch slot…or to send folks home with a fire in their belly to change the world.

Julie is a sought after talking head for TV and Radio on a range of topics and has been featured in print, digital, broadcast media in more than 40 countries.

She has partnered with major global brands such as Disney, Garmin, Coca Cola, Cancer Research UK and many many more.

Get in touch and see how Julie can help you bring your people together.

“Julie was our BUCS Conference keynote speaker this year and was a highly engaging, fun and energetic deliverer. She challenged delegates to think differently about how to engage underrepresented groups in sport and physical activity, suggesting how the university sports sector can really make a difference in this area by placing itself in the participant’s shoes.

Julie was great to work with from start to finish, from the planning phase through to the Conference delivery and nailed the brief that was provided. I’d recommend any Conference or event that is looking to get delegates to think outside the box and gain new perspectives on how to get people active to get in touch with Julie.”

Matt HoldStock, British Universities & colleges of Sport, UK

“Julie is one of the most easy-going, down to earth and inspirational speakers I know. She absolutely epitomises the word ‘authentic’ and easily captivates audiences with her charm, humour and powerful message about overcoming fear and achieving what you might consider big, fat, stupid goals.

I had the privilege of seeing Julie in action on several occasions, most recently when we both spoke at the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa Annual Convention in Cape Town where she received a well-deserved standing ovation – a pretty amazing feat in a room full of professional speakers! If you’re looking for a funny, engaging and entertaining motivational speaker that will inspire your audience to achieve greatness in health, business and life, do yourself a favour and book Julie Creffield today it was brilliant.

Mel Sherwood, Pitch & Presentation Specialist UK

“If you want to use a proper keynote speaker then look no further than Julie Creffield. I have used her services on a number of occasions for a variety of audiences and she never fails to deliver thought-provoking, passionate and practical speeches which ALWAYS leave attendees with useful take-aways for them as individuals and business owners. This lady Is the real deal – book her or miss out..”

Glen Addis, Director of East London Business Place

“I saw Julie Creffield speak at the Festival of Female Entrepreneurs and she was inspirational. She gave a great speech which really resonated with the audience. It was thoughtful, thought-provoking and motivational and she delivered it brilliantly. She was given a well-deserved standing ovation at the end!”

Esther Thompson, Entrepreneur

“I come across many speakers in the “speaker circuit” – Julie was recommended to speak at our December Regional Event in the City and was an instant winner! She’s down to earth, says it like it is and has a real passion for the ‘F’ word! What an amazing lady to campaign tirelessly and reach 1 million overweight and inactive women through running. I would have no hesitation in recommending her skills as a motivational speaker.”

Stella Fehmi, Regional Director of The Athena Network

“Julie fed our audience of school business managers with enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation.”

Frances Rowland, ABLE, Association of Business Leaders in Education


“I see a lot of keynote speakers and Julie stands out for her passion, experience, raw honesty and humour. In a world where every speaker is trying to stand out and be the perfect ‘do what I say’ role model, Julie is a breath of fresh air. she’s doing it, living it, telling us about life as it is not a glamourised version and offering a powerful and pragmatic set of ideas on how to get beyond the excuses and start owning our lives and our future path. Julie embodies the message that life is not a dress rehearsal and we can have fun on the journey.”

Rohit Talwar, Futurist

“What a message and what a women. I was so glad to get Julie on the podcast to share her story in her own words. I know so many women who will be able to relate to what happened to Julie, and will be able to use her story as the stepping stone to making a change in their life. Running is for everyone no matter your size. I want to wish Julie all the luck and success with her next challenge of getting 1 million women active. I have no doubt she will achieve it!! Go for it!!”

Sarah Williams, Founder of the Tough Girl Podcast

“I absolutely loved Julie’s talk she says she is a motivational speaker, but it’s not true, she is an inspirational speaker. Not only does she push you to aim for high goals, she actually gives you the belief that you can achieve them, which is the real key to success. If you want to inspire people and move them to action then Julie would be a great speaker for your event or workshop. Keep on running and inspiring!!!!”

Gordon Tredgar, Inc Top 100 Speaker on Leadership

“In the world of professional speaking there are many motivational speakers, but for me, Julie Creffield is up there amongst a small handful of the very best. Totally authentic with the natural ability to engage and inspire every time. Julie is destined for great things.”

Linda Shaw PHD, Neuroscientist

“I rarely come across speakers who make me go WOW. Julie closed the National Conference of the Professional Speakings Association I attended where she received a standing ovation. I was impressed by her incredible courage to show up wherever life takes her. If you are a speaker booker, snap her up”

Darren Harris, Paralympian, Author and Coach 

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