I recently went through a rebranding exercise.

One of the things I had to consider was my competitors and I had a real aversion to it. I just didn’t want to do it. It felt like such a pointless exercise.

Because, as I see it I have no competition.

Hear me out.

I am not saying that there are not other business coaches out there, I am not even saying that there are no other coachings teaching you how to build Tribes…but there sure as hell is only one Julie Creffield on this planet.

It has taken me a long time to get this clear in my head

Probably the best part of 40 years.

When we first start putting labels on the things we do, life coach, social media VA, business coach…and we take our selves on social media to try and find clients it feels awful when we come across someone who does something similar to us.

All those feelings of

“I’m not good enough”

“They are more popular than me”

“They have more clients”

“They know more”

“They have better hair” (come on you know you’ve had that thought.)

It’s enough to make you shrink back into your world and carry on playing small, hoping that people will find you just because there are a lot of people who need the thing you do…out there…somewhere…somehow ha ha

In fact I think it makes us do a few things.

It can make us hold back from posting on social media, it can make us start concocting stories about why it’s all so hard, and it can also make us a bit bitter and jaded about our so called “competitors”

“hmmm I’d never do it like that”

“She doesn’t know what shes talking about”

“God, she’s so annoying, up her own arse, confident”

When if we turned the mirror on ourselves and made a point of critiquing and reviewing our selves and our own strengths (particularly our strengths) then what the others are doing is neither here nor there.

When we are 100% happy with what we bring to the table for our clients AND understand the uniqueness of our own offer…we don’t need to see what everyone else is up to, or pay them any mind.

Oh and one more thing

Sometimes when people are trying to stand out in their niche…instead of getting tight with what they do and who for, they broaden their remit….casting their net far and wide in a catch-all scenario.

“Oh I do this too” “And this” “And this…because you know I’m super passionate about this”

and this goes for the type of clients they work with too,

“Yep…my programmes are for EVERYONE…they just are, I can’t niche any further cos my stuff is just good for everyone…you should all buy it”

This is a dangerous game.

It confuses the market place, and it makes nobody felt heard, seen, or important….and you also sound like everyone else, because you can’t go deep in your expertise.

It doesn’t mean you can’t do more than one thing.

You just need to learn to talk about them in the right way.


I have two businesses, an online plus-size fitness business with clients all over the world, and also a training and mentoring business based on my 20 years experience as a community engagement specialist.

These things are connected for sure….but I rarely talk about them in the same sentence, and their audiences are very different.

I used to talk about them in the same breath all the time, and then I’d get annoyed when people didn’t really get me, when they misquoted me, or introduced me to someone else in the wrong way.

It is nobody elses job to communicate what we do effectively.

Thats on us.

We need to crack it, then rehearse it, then repeat it until people listen…and we need to be able to notice when we go off track too….and pull ourselves back.

My name is Julie Creffield

I am a community engagement specialist and business mentor. I help coaches and experts build vibrant and profitable communities around their business so that they finally feel supported to grow, and that their impact can be scaled with ease.

Do I have other skills and expertise? For sure….

  • I’m great at PR and Marketing
  • I’m great at productivity and time management
  • I’m great at sales
  • I’m a great life coach
  • I’m a great speaker
  • I’m a great writer

And sometimes within my programmes that expertise seeps out and I share it with my clients, sometimes sharing stories and learnings from my experience from previous roles in

  • Project Management
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Audience Development
  • Cultural Programming
  • Motivating hard to reach groups

Of course it is useful, of course it gives me practical tools and concepts to draw from, but I don’t confuse my audience my leading with those things.

I do one thing, for one set of people, and I do it in one main way

  1. I teach people how to build vibrant and profitable communities
  2. These people tend to be coaches and experts
  3. And I primarily do this via a range of group programmes

And I do all of the above based on 20 years diverse experience

Can you describe your work in this way?

Would you like some support to get super clear on your niche, to investigate the breadth of experience you have.

To once and for all get rid of your competition (even if just in your head)

Join me next week for my 5 day nail your niche to attract your tribe FREE challenge where I am going to be walking you through my simple system for standing out in a crowded market by tapping in to your uniquenesss.

Give me 30 minutes a day, and I will give you confidence, clarity and a kick up the bum to finally be able to communicate what you do better than anyone else in your network.

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