It’s hardly surprising that growing up in the East End of London as a child during the 80s and 90s I had some quite questionable role models.

My TV and film influences for example.

Tuning into Eastenders, watching episodes of Minder and The Bill..oh and then later came the Lock, Stock era anyone would think that the only way to make money coming from the place I lived was to be a wheeler-dealer/criminal…or of course a drug dealer.

But the single most damaging clip from a TV show that has stuck in my brain all these years, the scene from Only Fools and Horses where Delboy turns to Rodney and says,

“This time next year we’ll be millionaires”

Now don’t get me wrong I love love love this show, I mean how could you not but literally I can’t have a serious conversation about money with my friends and family without some smart arse coming out with that phrase.

It’s like wealth creation is a joke.

And this often comes with an array of side dishes of the following statements,

  • “Oh I don’t want to be rich just comfortable”
  • “More money more problems”
  • “It’s not about the money, I just want to help people”
  • “Rich people are greedy/snobby/bad/evil/corrupt”
  • “Money can’t buy happiness”

I can remember clear as day about 5 years ago having an empty fridge, no money to buy some much-needed clothes to fit my growing child, nor cash to pay my council tax bill thinking…

“Sod it…I don’t want to be comfortable I want to be bloody rich”

And I set about on a journey to work out how one might do so. I knew I had to start with my deep-seeded money mindset issues which I had collected throughout my life.

Beliefs that you had to work REALLY hard to make good money, or that money always goes to money, that you have to spend money to make money, that basically people like me just don’t have the aptitude to create wealth.

Its been a long old journey, and I have invested in coaches and hundreds of hours of reading and journaling, and testing of theories. In fact its ongoing work…because at every income level, at every new stage of business growth you are forced to look at who you are, and how money is affecting you.

I remember 4 years ago I set the prompt £100K as passwords for all my electronics…as suggested by my money mindset coach…and it worked…but the first year this was a combination of cash in, free holidays and £60K of funding from Sport England…I had to get clear it was real turnover, and then profit I was focussing on.

You see you have to be super specific in your goals.

A fellow coach a few weeks ago when I was in Poland said to me,

“If you are so good at manifesting money (which I am), why don’t you put a million down as your password”

And I replied

“Cos I don’t need a million” (notice I still don’t speak proper ha ha)

And then it hit me.

I was great at making money when I needed it, to pay bills, to get me out of trouble, to fund my travels and adventures, to invest in learning. But without the need…somehow the motivation was missing.

What would you do if you did have a million?” she said.

“Oh easy, I’d buy a property by the sea and move out of London”

And BANG there it was my motivation.

“Besides….” she said

“If you don’t make a million pounds you are being a selfish cow”

“How so??” I asked

“Well if you don’t know how to make a million, how can you help your clients get there?

She had a point.

So something has shifted in my ambition, in my motivation to scale.

I don’t know whether being a 7 figure business owner is in my future but I know one thing for sure. Throughout my life wherever I have created wealth it has always been in direct correlation to doing good in the world…so more money more impact.

If I have got to 6 figures helping tens of thousands of women, then it makes sense that 7 figures would be hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of people.

And that realisation has opened all manner of ideas for things I am going to be offering next year as part of my Tribe Building work and support for entrepreneurs.

So if you are reading this thinking…I want a bit of what she’s having, and you’re sick of the narrative that you can’t make money while doing good in the world, drop me a line and let me talk to you about a new thing I am launching for business owners with the vision to work with a million clients in their lifetime.

Seriously drop me a message I have something super exciting happening on the 5th December, but you have to be on my radar to get first dibs.

So yes, I’m on the look out for Entrepreneurs with enormous vision for making an enormous difference….and making a heap of money too.

And as for Rodney and Delboy…remember they did go on to make their millions, at Sotherbys in the 1996 Christmas Special, 6.4 million in fact….OK so they lost it all again in future episodes…but you had to give em props for their perseverance…and money or no money…those two characters have brought a lot of joy to the world right?