Frustrated by that niggling thought that your business always feels like it needs fixing or tinkering with, or perhaps that there must be something wrong with you seeing as you haven’t had the levels of success you really crave as an experienced business owner?

Are you running out of patience, energy, or maybe even time…or perhaps just feel like you are? And need to pick a lane soon and just crack on with scaling the venture you know could have a massive impact?

Then join Julie Creffield for a hard-hitting interactive workshop where she will share the 3 business truths (that nobody else is really admitting to) that have helped her bounce back from adversity and business challenges time and time again.

She will outline her Lifestyle to Legacy Framework, a powerful business diagnostic tool which has been informed by the development of her new Year to Change™️ brand, one which has helped so many of her high level VIP clients over the last 4 years.

During this 90-minute workshop, Julie will also be giving you some important tools and insights to help you make some BIG decisions in your own business. 

Leave the session inspired to make your next BIG step, turning your ideas into action.

FREE Business Growth Workshop - Tuesday 18th July @ 4pm GMT