What now, what next?

As a successful business owner who has been around the block more than a few times and done ALL the things, where should you be putting your focus and attention right now?

You WANT to create impact and leave a legacy, but you keep getting bogged down and distracted by all of the noise and if truth be told can sometimes get a bit overwhelmed by all the tech advances and the pace of the online world...plus you worry that time is running out?

So here’s what I know. There are some amazing small business owners out there that have done some incredible things in their life, they have led exciting careers, owned businesses, been on crazy adventures…and yet they still have a lot more that they want to achieve. They’ve jumped through the various hoops of so called success, won awards, got PHD’s and various certifications and accolades. They have dealt with the challenges of life, work, business and lets not forget the personal stuff across at least 3 decades and are now thinking WHAT NEXT? 

What’s the plan for this next phase of my life?

Join me on Thursday 2nd November @ 1pm


In this 60 minute round table discussion, business legacy strategist Julie Creffield is going to share how having a Legacy Masterplan as an already successful seasoned Solopreneur can help you stay on track with ALL of the remaining measures of success you have for your business and life, and help you realise that so much of your life’s work can be consolidated, repackaged, and repurposed to create enormous impact. .

Can't make the date or time?

 Why not book in a 121 to discuss your situation and your goals for the next 3 years with Julie, and she can run through the details of her Legacy Masterplan programme to assess your suitability for it.

Julie Creffield is business legacy strategist who has herself been a solopreneur for more than 30 years. She has worked with thousands of freelancers, creatives, and small business owners to help them get clarity over the direction of travel for their ventures, pinning down their mission, their model, their message, and their money making and leveraging strategies….so that they leave a lasting legacy.


Julie Creffield - How to have a successful business