Presenting: The “How NOT to Be Broke” Solopreneur Sales Activation Experience.

Tired of the unpredictability of your business income? Exhausted from the constant financial roller-coaster? Dream of creating a steady, prosperous business but unsure how?

It’s time to bolster your business finances and bid goodbye to the “broke” status with my tried and tested 5-day sales challenge….but with a twist this time. 

If you are not investing in your sales and activation strategies then you are leaving money on the table.

Sales don’t have to be slimy or sleazy, but they do need to be salesy… i.e. you are in business to make sales right?

Unless you are NOT, and you are OK with your ideal clients not buying from you….then this challenge is NOT for you.

Using the concepts from my new book, plus the tried and tested strategies and tactics I have used with my clients and I to generate millions of pounds of revenue…why wouldn’t you want to come and have a nose at how I do things?

Here’s What Awaits You:

1. Effective Business Strategies that keep you in flow: Grasp the smart financial and operational tactics that me and my clients swear by.

2. Entrepreneurial Mindset Mastery: Get your head and your heart into selling and shatter those limitations pulling you back.

3. Resource Treasure Chest: Templates, and tools tailor-made to elevate your business…BUT NO SALES SCRIPTS!!!!.

4. Elite Networking: Bond with fellow business owners and experts….you don’t have to do this challenging stuff alone.

5. You get to hang out with me all week…and I am going to totally debrief how I rebuilt my business in less than 3 months NOTHING HELD BACK….using these strategies.

Why Every Solopreneur Business Owner Must Join:

🌟 Measurable ROI: Deploy the strategies you acquire and watch your business revenue soar…and QUICK

🌟 Mentorship from someone who has done over a million in sales: Absorb insights from a seasoned solopreneur with real-world, actionable advice.

🌟 Unparalleled Community: Mingle with a community that knows the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Grow collectively, triumph together!

How much money could you make in 5 days?


  1. When are the live calls? Every day 12pm-1pm London Time (all calls are recorded and shared)
  2. Do I have to attend them all (NOPE)
  3. How many people will be in the challenge? My intention is for there to be 100
  4. How much money will I make? Depends on a whole heap of things…but you get to decide on your target
  5. What kind of businesses will be doing it? Coaches, experts, VA’s, Speakers, Accountants…predominately solopreneurs
  6. Will you get us doing anything sleazy? Depends on your definition of sleazy…will you feel uncomfortable? Possibly…I choose ethical sales, sales by consent….but to make money you will have to take action.
  7. What if I don’t have a BIG audience? Define BIG!! There are unlimited people out there wanting what you do, this challenge will teach you how to get to them
  8. What if I am scared? Thats OK…lots of folks will be feeling nervous
  9. What if I don’t think this will work for me? How will you know unless you try…not doing it definitely won’t work for you lol
  10. What if I have other questions? Email me… 

Note: This program formally known as A GRAND IN YOUR HAND has helped close to 500 small business owners to activate their audiences to buy. Sustainable business growth isn’t just about making money though; it’s about smart earning and even smarter spending. With new concepts and ideas based on Julie’s new book you will want to take part in this round

From Monday 2nd to Friday 6th October

A whole week of training, support, accountability and bespoke business growth advice for your solopreneur business for just £99

You can even pay in 2 installments to split the cost

We get cracking in....


However, anyone who has registered by Monday 25th September gets FREE access to a client only workshop called "Its NOT about bouncing back"