There are just 12 weeks left of 2023...just a little reminder that time is of the essence. But lets not forget that this time of year can be filled with distractions and the merriment of do we REALLY have 12 weeks?


I know you have things you want to achieve in your small business this year, things which are proving a challenge, and you probably feel all kind of weird emotions around that. You started the year full of hope and expectation and the reality is for many people the last 9 months have been hard. Things have happened you didn’t see coming, your confidence may not be where it was, perhaps you are running out of enthusiasm and energy to keep going…I get it.

But what I also know is that you have resources you haven’t even tapped into. Things you haven’t even considered. And with one idea, and a small shift in perspective, literally ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE…and that’s where I come in.

I want to share with you 12 things you can do in the next 12 months that will help move your forward as a small business owner. I want to help you connect to your mission, get clear on your message, and most of all help you make more money in your business, because lets face it the economy needs us to keep on keeping on. 

Join me on Monday 9th October @ 1pm

Not sure who I am?

Here comes that weird third person bit….

Julie Creffield is business legacy strategist who has herself been a solopreneur for more than 30 years. She has worked with thousands of freelancers, creatives, and small business owners to help them get clarity over the direction of travel for their ventures, pinning down their mission, their model, their message, and their money making and leveraging strategies….so that they leave a lasting legacy.

Author of the books How NOT to be Broke and Leading from the Back, Julie proves over and over again that you don’t have to do everything perfect in life or business to welcome amazing results and success, using the resources and assets you already have available to you. Remember this is the lady who built a multiple six figure business from being a rubbish marathon runner. 

Julie is a 14 times author, an award winning comediane and speaker on the topics of productivity, purpose and profit, and she now lives in the Hertfordshire countryside with her sassy 10 year old daughter and their adventurous ginger cat tom…quite the departure from her earlier life in East London. 

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