So let’s just start with this.

You are enough.

You know enough. You have enough. You do enough.

Your worth is not dictated by how much you get done in a day. How much money you make or how big your car is.


(Says in a whisper)

You are also allowed to desire more.

You are allowed to want more, do more, have more.

It is this wonderful dichotomy we live with in these modern times.

A world filled with shoulds and coulds, and the influence of those around us. On the one hand we talk about being frugal and only using what we need, simplifying our lives and ensuring there is enough to go round and then on the other we are like “Dream Big” go for what you want, welcome abundance into our lives.

It is totally Ok to feel confused about this.

As a transformational coach, I work a lot with values. I get my clients to think about these often. Now if you have been in the personal development or even business world for a while you might find yourself rolling your eyes and going, “yep been there, done that” and that may well be true…but values are not something you think about and write down once and then think you are done.

They are an ever-evolving beast.

They drive everything, or at least in my opinion I choose for them to.

My number one value is freedom.

It used to be fairness until I realised that was keeping me trapped. The very thing I cared most about was actually putting me and my family at a disadvantage and that in and of itself seemed quite unfair.

So now its freedom.

Freedom to choose.

I have always been a bit of a maverick, never liked being told what to do. At school, I was seen as a trouble maker when in fact I could just see through the absolute bullshit of the school system.

I was a smart kid and did Ok academically, despite my parents and teachers despairing of me.

I think I just knew deep down that I wouldn’t need to learn to conform in the ways they wanted me to, because I would never need to follow the rules anyway.

But back to productivity.

People are often saying to me, “Julie, how do you do it all?”

I am a single parent, I run 2 businesses serving thousands of clients each year, I have published 8 books, number 9 is on it’s way, I love to travel and I am often training for endurance events….59 days and counting until the London Marathon btw.

The truth is…I am just super efficient…super productive.

And in truth that is because deep down I am a bit lazy, and don’t play by other peoples rules. I have long worked out what works for me and I play to those strengths….well most of the time that is.

I have been helping other people with their productivity for many years too. When I was a freelance trainer and facilitator I used to work with homeless young people to help them get more structured with their lives, and I used to run training days for creative freelancers to help them make more money working fewer hours.

It was often under the guise of time management…but who are we kidding, time can not be managed, only our efforts within the given constraints of time can be.

Over the past two weeks I have been taking about productivity because I am about to run a 31 day challenge called Do More Bits. It is an experiment really to see if I can help small business owners on masse to get more of the important stuff done in their business.

Some of my social media posts however have received a bit of a pushback.

With comments like “Oooohhhh make sure you take care of yourself” and “sounds like you are busy, don’t burn out”

I know me talking about productivity and getting a lot of shit done can be super triggering to people who have other priorities right now, health issues, mental health issues, caring responsibilities…factors which are out of their control to some extent.

But let me get one thing straight.

Productivity is not about doing more and more at the risk of burning out, in fact, it’s actually about doing less and less but just with better results. And not so you can then fill that time with more work….but so you can spend that time actually living life….doing the stuff that matters.

A big part of the productivity puzzle is learning to say NO.

I love that I have designed a business that means I can go to the gym 3 times a week. I love that I often take Fridays off to visit friends, or go to events I just fancy. I love that I can take school holidays off (this has been a new thing I might add) and have shorter days so that my daughter can do sports clubs 3 evenings a week (OMG I have become one of those parents ha ha)

We must stop judging ourselves and other people negatively for what we do or do not do in our lives, and instead decide on and be OK with what we personally want for our lives and businesses. Go back to our values and work out what feels aligned. Part of my Do More Bits challenge will be about getting rid of all the stuff from your working week that is just complete bullshit…that makes no difference to your life, or to the wider world.

And that is what freedom looks like.

Anyway, we start on Sunday…well, when I say start…we are going to ease into the programme and maybe say hello to each other in the closed Facebook community, the real fun will start on Monday.

Click here for more details and to sign up

Please note this is not another online programme, this is an implementation and accountability group where we actually do the work. For sure I am going to be teaching you a few things, but on the whole, I will be facilitating a new approach rather than bombarding you with yet more shit to do.

Sign up for just £47

You are enough

Oh and just as another little reminder, you are totally enough without doing this challenge and totally enough if you decide to….because remember, productivity is nothing to do with enoughness.

You are fab…exactly as you are xxx

Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf on Unsplash

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