Ever felt like being in business is a bit of a popularity contest?

A game of smoke and mirrors?

A game of who has the glossiest hair, the most expensive car, the tidiest desk?

It is easy to get caught up in the influencer game.

If I pretend I’ve got my shit together people will think I have and I can trick them into thinking I am as good as all the other people doing what I do in my business.

It’s soul-destroying.

We go into business because we see an opportunity to contribute, to offer products and/or services that address a need, potentially a gap in the market, but often not.

There are a million yoga instructors, a million plumbers, a million business coaches…so how do we pick which one? And more importantly, how do we ensure we get picked?

By standing out of course.

But how do you do that Julie?

By being 100% yourself online (Oi don’t roll your eyes)

I’m being serious.

You are unique. You have qualities, experiences, skills and a set of values that nobody else on this planet has…and so your marketing, your offers, the way you do EVERYTHING in your business should reflect that.

I had a 121 client meeting in the pub last night.


Because it suited both myself and my client. I like to work in a no-bullshit way that is accessible and fun. My client is a world-class photographer (who will be featuring on my podcast very soon) and we do our best work together in informal settings.

That’s not to say I do all of my meetings down the pub…but it’s always an option, because it’s completely in alignment with who I am. And we made some incredible breakthroughs in our 90 minute session.

Where in your business are you pretending to be someone else?

Where are you trying to be like your peers, your competitors, looking all professional, or all quirky, or all…anything else that isn’t you.

When you are in complete alignment with who you are and you show up unapologetically as that…people see you, they hear you, they understand you…when you don’t something feels off, there is a disconnect…or worse still folks just scroll past your vanilla middle of the road marketing.


Your YOUNESS is a highly valuable asset you have that nobody can take away from you, and it’s highly likely that you haven’t unleashed it. You haven’t brought your whole self to your business.




Over the last few years this has been my work. To allow myself…all sides of myself to be visible. To show people my genius and my flaws. To really investigate who Julie Creffield the business coach is…and how she is completely unique and incomparable to other coaches out there.

I have no competitors…because nobody works in the way I work, nobody has the lived experiences that I do, know one has the ideation skills I have, or the ability to activate everyday people to do extraordinary things…my unique cocktail of Julieness gives me an advantage that I am 100% going to utalise.

We can’t all compete with Facebook ad spend, or building a massive sales team…but we can dial up our personal brand and amplify our message in order to attract our people…that costs nothing, but just takes a bit of practice and a bit of getting used to.

Too many of us spend too much of our lives worrying about what others think, worrying that we are not enough, or that we are too old, too fat, too female, too black, too gay, too different to have the success that “the others” have…when the truth is that difference is the thing which is your superpower.

You just have to pick YOU

The doors are now open for the October round of Tribe BuilderĀ® my signature programme. This 12 week business incubator for coaches, experts, speakers and consultants helps you scale your business for more influence, impact and income, by putting you and your unique style of leadership at the heart of your business.

There are just 12 places left and we start on the 11th October.

To find out more check out www.tribebuildernetwork.com

An extended payment plan is available on request, get in touch via julie@juliecreffield.com

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