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This page is currently under development as we head towards the official launch of the new book.

However, you can grab the first 3 chapters for FREE and be part of my launch team.

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If there is one thing I have learned in almost 30 years of Solopreneurship is you don’t get anywhere without asking for some support from time to time, and I am a massive believer in karma, and the ebb and flow of give and take in the world of small business….especially among women. 

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When this page is finally up and fully functioning though, you can expect a whole bunch of FREE supportive resources to help you action the 12 principles from the book.

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Just in case you don't know who I am

I'm Julie Creffield

….an award winning speaker, business legacy strategist, author and campaigner. I am on a mission to help solopreneurs build the right kind of business. 

Too many amazing business owners are burning out and getting overwhelmed with all the noise, and the messaging that says they don’t know enough yet to be successful. 

I call bullshit on all that….you have all of the assets and resources you need, you just need reminding of that, and to put some structure around the work you are doing so that your business works for you.

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