Nobody goes into business to be a salesperson really do they?

We go into business because we have a certain set of skills or expertise that others need, or products and services that fill a gap.

But sadly they do not sell themselves.

So it doesn’t matter how good you are a a coach, an expert, a therapist, an artist, an accountant, a plumber, whatever you do in your busines…if you can’t sell, or more importantly don’t want to sell…then you are blatantly leaving money on the table.

When I set up my plus size fitness business I didn’t know I’d have to do sales…I just thought “what?? of course people will buy from me” and it didn’t take long to realise that beyond the low hanging fruit and my super fans, I’d have to get selling….and fast.

And I ain’t going to lie, for the first few years I hated it as much as the next person.

But then I found my flow, learned the basic principles of selling, and created a super-effective way of driving income when I needed it. I am not going to tell you I love sales now…but let’s just say we have a mutually beneficial agreement in place which seems to be working.

This week I saw two comments which prompted me to write this blog.

“I am sick of being sold to”

This came from a fellow coach, and peer.

And I was baffled. Like I get it when you get bombarded with shit you didn’t sign up for, or someone is deploying super aggressive sales tactics, but it was more a general comment about the amount of sales emails in her inbox.

I get lots of sales emails too…but I did sign up to be on those business owners lists, and I can unsubscribe at any point, so I’m never offended…we get to choose what works for us, we get to set boundaries around what we allow into our world.

You can’t have it both ways…you can’t register for someones freebie in the hope that they will transform your life or your business and NEVER dare mention the products or services that are their bread and butter.

And then…

This morning I saw,

“Can I not just outsource my sales???”

And I was like Noooooooooo!!!!

Why would you do that?

I mean of course you can. Nut it will cost you, more than you might think. And I would suggest the people that hate sales the most are the ones that can’t afford to outsource anything, and in my views at most stages of the small business owners journey you HAVE to be head of sales…

A. Because nobody else will do it if you don’tand your business will fall off a cliff

B. You are the only one who understands the transformation you get for your clients….they need to hear it from you

C. It would look bloody weird if someone else was doing…its an energy thing

So whats the answer?

First its accepting that sales are a part of doing business…get the fuck over it

Then learn some basic tactics and create a strategy…that you follow 80% of the time.

And then finally, and I think this is the MOST important part of it….

Get clear on how much money you want to make and why? What could hitting your sales targets mean for you and your family. What freedom could it give you, what change could it enable…how much easier would like be if you wasn’t stressing about making enough sales each month?

Look…I am a community engagement strategist first, business mentor second and sales and marketing expert third.

My Grand in Your Hand Challenge was born out of a frustration that sooooooo many of my clients were afraid of sales, and didn’t have the first clue about where to start in terms of a strategy.

Sales doesn’t have to be scary, icky or unethical

It can be fun, and creative and collaborative

You don’t have to do it alone.

Join me in September for 10 days of learning, doing and receiving. Learn the strategy I use to make money and test new ideas fast in my business.

Learn the process I use over and over again to grow my business, the process that has helped me to double my income over the last 12 months.

The process that has helped my clients make probably something close to half a million in revenue.

We start on the 11th September…lets do this

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