Business owners create magic. They might not think so, but they do. They do that thing that my mum has been accusing me of for years,

“Making something out of nothing.”

For the past 3 months, I have been working with 29 entrepreneurs on my incubator Tribe Builder, a programme which helps small business owners to better understand what it takes to create a real community around their business ideas.

They have got clear on their vision, readjusted their business model, and therefore their key service and products, they have launched engagement campaigns and they are now piloting a new offer based on the principles they have learned.

These people are not new to business. They are already experts. They already have experience, and skill and a client base, but they are exploring new models, new delivery mechanisms, new engagement tactics.

What follows below is a list of products and services which have gone live this week, some to be delivered this side of Xmas, and some to go live in January.

Some quite naturally are Xmas themed, but this was not the brief.

Please have a look at the things they are offering and get involved if you think any of them are a good fit.

Erin Chamberlain – Yourself on the shelf

You walk into the bookstore and there it is. On the shelf. Your book. This Christmas, it’s time. It’s time to put Yourself on the Shelf. Sideline those naughty elf antics because this December, you are going to give yourself a gift.

You are going to put your dreams and aspirations right in the middle of the festivities. Let’s be honest. You’ve always wanted to write a book. You know your coaching framework is so powerful that it could change the lives of so many more people than you can work with one to one.

A book can change lives. Your book will change lives. That’s why you need to write it. How would it feel to start 2020 with your book outline mapped out?

Yourself on the Shelf is a 6 week live programme for coaches and business owners who want to write a non-fiction book. By the end of the programme you will have planned a book that will transform your reader, grow your business and take you a step closer to ticking off write a book from your bucket list.

How does it work?

  • Each week you will receive a task to complete that will help you lay down the foundations of your book.
  • Feedback and get support from me and your fellow authors-to-be in a private Facebook group.
  • Three fortnightly live mentoring sessions
  • Ask me anything Facebook lives
  • And a two-week break over Christmas and New Year so that you don’t get overwhelmed

Yourself on the Shelf runs from 25 November (hiatus 23 Dec–5 Jan) to 19 January and is priced at the special once-only pilot price of £99.

Contact Erin on

Erin Chamberlain is a book mentor and editor who has worked for traditional trade publishers for nearly 20 years. She is passionate about bringing ideas into the world and creating books that will have an impact and change lives. She is the founder of #shelfie, championing and sharing the aspirations of authors-to-be.

Susannah Alexander 12 Days to Healthier Holidays

Does the thought of the forthcoming festivities leave you drained and exhausted? Are you unable to sparkle on your special day because you’re feeling run down and overwhelmed? Do you always seem to come down with a cold just when it’s time to party? Let’s change all that this year and get your festivities fizzing. My pre-Christmas well-being makeover is here to provide relief from fatigue, fogginess, scuffles, snuffles and Christmas kerfuffles. Whether your favourite holiday wear is a little black dress, or a big red one like mine, you’re sure to be at your glowing best if you’re full of energy and sparkle.

Spend just 12 days with me (virtually) and you’ll be rewarded with:

  • A ten-day ‘done for you’ meal plan and shopping list, so you don’t have to think about what to eat (vegan option available)
  • Fabulous energy
  • Greater mental clarity
  • A sparkle in your skin
  • Refreshing sleep
  • Creative ways to unwind
  • The ‘magic immunity potion’ that keeps me on my feet no matter what
  • Lots of support to enable you to achieve your festive health goals with a smile

All this can be yours for just £27.95. That’s less than the cost of a glass of wine or one of those fancy coffees each day. And if you take part, you won’t be needing either of those! 12 Days to Healthier Holidays – probably the best-value present you can give yourself this year.

To book your place DM Susannah via her Facebook page,

Susannah Alexander is a degree-qualified nutritional therapist with over two decades’ experience of presenting, teaching and cooking. She’s on a mission to make healthy eating accessible and fun and banish weight stigma. She has an outstanding reputation as a speaker, appearing on national radio and television and throughout the UK.

Rachel Allen

Are you a successful business owner with a dark secret? Are you guilty of one of the 7 deadly financial ‘sins’?

Many business owners are running successful businesses but are being held back by poor finances. These are often initially minor indiscretions (such as not staying on top of their bookkeeping or not facing up to an approaching VAT threshold) but embarrassment or fear mean that they are often avoided and/or ignored until they become (or feel) so big that they become at best a distraction and at worst a threat to the entire business.

This embarrassment or lack of confidence can make it hard to discuss the issues with their accountants and almost impossible to admit to friends, colleagues and peers.

If this is you, treat yourself to a ‘confession session’ with business coach, a qualified accountant and fellow business owner, Rachel Allen.

In these 90 minute sessions, Rachel uses her unique blend of accounting knowledge and coaching skills to give you a safe space in which to confess your financial ‘sins’. Her calm, unflappable approach, will help you to gain the confidence and knowledge you need to face up to these ‘sins’ and will help you to create an action plan to overcome them and gain absolution. Freeing you to enjoy the financial success of your amazing business


Rachel is a business coach, qualified accountant and has run her own manufacturing company for over 15 years. She combines all this experience with genuine compassion in her unique coaching services. She is on a mission, via her weekly Finance Friday vlog, to help business owners to get on top of their finances and to face up to their financial ‘sins’ and free them from financial purgatory.

Jenny Gordon – The Jenuine Advent Challenger

24 opportunities to be Jenuinely You this festive season.

The perfect antidote to Tinselitis (Comparisonitis with added sparkle) Do not be fooled by its glitter, its a nasty virus that spreads like wildfire at this time of year.

The Jenuine Advent Challenger is for you if you have ever felt that you should be: The perfect host; purchasing perfect presents for all family and friends; making your own mincemeat from scratch whilst whipping up and Angel costume for the school nativity play! This is just the shot in the arm you need to build your immunity!

Open a window every day to master Perfect imperfection & celebrate being Jenuinely You in time for Christmas.

Exclusive opening offer 27.00 ( Full price 50.00) Buying for friend 2 for 40.00 you can register on her website

Jenny is a people developer and coach. With a background in healthcare, she has developed her craft over 40 years working with individuals, teams, businesses small and large to help people understand and appreciate themselves and others so that they can work to their highest potential and lead in their own shoes. She is on a mission to eradicate the dreadfully debilitating disease ‘comparisonitis’ from the world!

Lucy Aditi Have a #LearnHappy Christmas

Are you struggling to know what to buy for the teenager in your life? Too old for toys? Never wear that Christmas jumper? Bored with giftcards?

Imagine a present that will make a difference to their life… an investment in their happiness that they’ll remember for years to come… So many young people are stressed out about their education, their future and a multitude of other challenges. Sometimes it seems like there’s no one they can turn to for help. Meanwhile, their worried families are left on the sidelines feeling powerless to do anything about it.

The Life Tutor’s Learn Happy Christmas package changes all that. With practical tips to try straight away, combined with expert one-to-one coaching through whatever’s troubling them, your young person can head back to school, college or university in January with a spring in their step. Picture them now: happy, confident and purposeful, ready for whatever life throws at them in the new decade.

How does it work? Easy:

1. You pick a plan – First Aid, Flexible or VIP

2. I send you a festive e-voucher, ready to print out or send electronically, along with The Life Tutor’s #LearnHappy tips – practical ideas they can use to start working on whatever’s stressing them out

3. They book in a coaching session at a time that suits them. Slots are available between Christmas and New Year and into the new term. So what price do you put on happiness? Prices start at £60 – less than that Xmas jumper!

To grab this special seasonal deal, visit

Lucy Aditi is on a mission to help young people thrive in their education and take control of their future. As The Life Tutor, she brings 20 years’ experience to her coaching and wellbeing strategies, guiding teens and their parents through challenging times and empowering them to grow together.

Maria Antoniou  – Relationship Reading Package

Are you struggling with a relationship, whether that’s a romantic relationship with your spouse or partner, or a relationship with your parent or child? Would you like to feel calmer about it by Christmas and clearer to make decisions and move forwards?

I can help you understand the deeper dynamics at play between the two of you. I’ll look at your individual soul energies to see how each of you relates to the world, any past life connections you share, and the lessons held for you in this relationship.

Our soul has a different perspective on our relationships than our ego does! I’ll also conduct an energy clearing to help you ‘clear the air’ and start afresh.

A Relationship Reading Package includes:

  • A telephone or Zoom call of up to one hour
  • A distant Energy Clearing
  • Your written Relationship Report with some energy clearing tips
  • A follow up call of up to one hour where you can reflect on your reading and ask me any additional questions.

Both people can take an active part in the reading and the call, or I can just read from your perspective. Please note, I don’t read for relationships that don’t exist yet nor for those that have ended. I’ll also need each person’s birth details to conduct the reading.

The usual cost of this reading is £297. My special offer for the first 5 people to contact me this month is £197. Contact her to book

Maria Antoniou is a Psychic and Spiritual Teacher specializing in Relationships and Business & Financial Abundance. Her mission is to help high-achieving professional and entrepreneurial women listen to their inner guidance so they can have the success they deserve, make the contribution they came here for and change the world!

Jennifer Pirtle21 Days To A Self-Kinder Christmas

‘Tis the season for self-judgement! The holidays bring plenty of good cheer, but they’re also rife with opportunities to give yourself a hard time: The pressure to find the perfect gift. Chaotic travel plans. Lengthy conversations with the in-laws. Overdoing it with big meals and boozy parties. Add in negative self-talk so strong it could put Scrooge to shame and you’ve got yourself a heady holiday mix!

But just as Scrooge moved toward gentle gratitude, so can you move your mindset toward increased self-kindness and self-compassion – and enjoy the holiday period a whole lot more.

Steeped in science but filled with fun, ’21 Days to a (Self) Kinder Christmas’ features effective tools, tips, and techniques, including:

  • A downloadable workbook with themed self-kindness exercises and journaling prompts
  • Weekly live group coaching sessions
  • Facebook videos to support the themes
  • Mini-meditations for ease and calm on-the-go
  • A supportive private Facebook group filled with like-minded revellers

Cost is £35 and the program begins on 1 December.

For more info check out this link

Jennifer Pirtle is a self-kindness coach, a trainee psychotherapist, and a recovering self-bully. She’s on a mission to help women criticise themselves less and love their life more. Jennifer believes self-kindness is the key to shoring up our inner worth, building resiliency, and increasing confidence. She is the founder of the #mykindermind movement and brings 20+ years of experience working in the wellness industry.

Janine Evans Pollard – Career Movers, Crafting Career Change

On average a full time worker will spend 9600 hours a year at work, that is a lot of time to spend in a job you don’t love.

If you are looking for a change then ‘Career movers’ group-coaching programme is for you if you are ready to craft a career change and take action to a spicier calling. So you are ready to move to the authentic career and real you?

Let’s do this- with my support in weekly group coaching calls focusing on specific areas of career change, plus access to the Facebook members group to get encouragement and share ideas.

Who is it for: If you have a corporate job and in the new decade you are ready to take action and change. It is for you if your boss causes revulsion, and the stress of your role is unreasonable. Work does not energise you or even align with your values. Perhaps even the effort of pretending that you are interested in your job is using up so much energy it even exhausts you.

How much? It costs £800 if you pay up front or £850 in 5 monthly instalments. Book a call via website:

After 20 years as a teacher and 5 years as a coach Janine Evans-Pollard helps individuals to take action to get away from their corporate careers, and design a life of adventure and location independence. She helps people to make positive life and career changes to become their true selves.

Michelle Gymiah – Mind The Gap

Are you a professional female looking for a new job, promotion or pay rise? Have you ever considered negotiating for more money/better salary benefits and bottled it? Does the thought of negotiating bring you out in a cold sweat?

Sounds like you need my Mind The Gap, negotiation bootcamp for women.

  • Help you identify your bs excuses around negotiation and how to counteract them
  • Figure out the root causes of why you feel uncomfortable talking about/handling money that has stopped you from negotiating
  • Help you create new confident money habits that will help you find the confidence to ask for what you really want at work
  • Help you re-frame your emotions and self-perception around your money and asking for the things you want.

Weekly action videos. Live Q&A. Group support and accountability. Sign up here for the 6 week programme

Michelle Michelle Gyimah is a passionate advocate for closing pay gaps in the workplace. As a gender pay gap consultant and negotiation mentor for women she understands the barriers that many women face when it comes to asking for what they really want.

As a mother of two she understands how fear of rejection and judgement stops many women from negotiating. Which is why she has created a safe space for women to learn negotiation skills so that they can take action and close their own pay gaps

Pam Burrows Sanity Claus – Your recipe for Christmas Calm

Are you at risk of going Christmas Crackers?! It can be a stressful time of year – but it doesn’t have to be! What drives you nuts? Do you… Buy too much? Eat too much? Worry too much? Try too hard? Get stressed by other people’s drama?!

What you’ll get from the Sanity Claus programme:

3 key technique videos:

  • Not over-buying and knowing when enough is enough
  • Keeping a balance of your eating and drinking choices
  • Strategies for staying calm in the chaos and not rising to other people’s drama

A relaxation audio: Let go of the tension and learn how to (re)find the joy

A PDF Cheat Sheet full of ways to find the calm in Christmas

A PDF of fun posters/postcards you can print off to remind yourself of the Calm Christmas Sanity Claus messages

PLUS Ongoing access to Pam’s exclusive, private Facebook group The Feel Good Club for ongoing support

This programme will cost £57 in future for this first pilot run it’s £35. Want to sign up? Head over here:

Having studied child development, human behaviour and the psychology of persuasion, Pam Burrows then became an NLP Master Practitioner. She uses all of that good stuff (mixed with some sparkle) in her People Booster mission to help people stress less, smile more and realise how amazing they are.5 days ago

Nicky Kentisbeer – Get Out of Your Own Way Online Group Programme

What is the ONE thing that you keep meaning to do? The thing that ALWAYS comes up whenever you have those conversations. You know the ones – the ones where you talk about your hopes and dreams. Or maybe you think about it on holiday when everything seems possible but you leave it behind when you depart.

If only you had the time, money, confidence ……….. And it isn’t necessarily a big thing but you can’t seem to start it or finish it off. You want to but it somehow feels out of reach. To pursue it seems self-indulgent, fanciful even? Perhaps you don’t know where to begin or you are afraid? Yet, you really want it? You know it will have a huge impact on other areas of your life too. Yet you move forward and back and it remains your one day, someday dream.

I am looking for 10 women to join the pilot of my online coaching programme ‘Get Out of Your Own Way’ starting in January 2020. This is a programme for women that prefer the dynamic and rapport of group work and accountability. You will receive my help through coaching within the group to become clear about what you want to achieve.

We will look at what is holding you back and what you can do to start moving towards making choices, taking action and getting things done. It’s a great way to experience coaching whilst being empowered by seeing what others are doing in a safe and comfortable space.

Pilot Price £99 pp find out more by contacting

Nicky is a small business coach and lifestyle blogger who is driven by her own entrepreneurial spirit and love of supporting others with their business ideas and personal growth. Nicky brings a spark of passion and creativity to empower her clients to believe in their innate ability to bring about their own success.

Lis Cashin – Power and Flow into 2020

For inspirational women who know in their hearts that their potential is greater than their current reality

  • Are you fed up of playing small?
  • Are you hiding your light to make others feel better about themselves?
  • Are you holding yourself back in life or career?
  • Have you had ENOUGH?!
  • Are you ready to step into this new decade by BEING MORE of who you really are, without excuses?

If the answer is ‘Hell YES!!’ – then this course is for you.

A journey of self-discovery, flow and powerful self-expression via a 1 face to face training day plus an accompanying 6 weeks online course. You will learn

  • Who you are and what you stand for
  • How to always communicate in an empowering way that is fully ‘you’
  • The power of flow and how to live your best life 3es?! Then email now.

You will take away tools and resources to support your ongoing journey, an unforgettable experience of what it feels like to step into your power and flow, plus the ongoing support of community to hold you to your highest potential and most powerful self-expression

What is the investment?

One-time one-off investment if booked by November 30th £399 inclusive £499 after 30th November (Normal Price £879) Places are limited to 12 women so book early if you feel the call to come and join us! Are you ready?

Contact Lis via

Lis Cashin is a women’s life strategist, award-winning author, Tedx speaker and founder of the #UpSheRises movement. She empowers inspirational women who know in their hearts their potential is greater than their current reality to rise up, be seen and claim their place in the world5 days ago

Kim Raine – Sort Your Crap Out…for Christmas

Are you dreading Christmas? The rush, the do’s, the late nights, the food and the booze? Do you feel at breaking point already and the fun hasn’t even started yet? You aren’t alone! Lots of the women I speak with feel that Christmas is just another layer of stress and overwhelm to be dealing with!

But it doesn’t have to be that way, imagine a calmer, happier, energised Christmas… Join me and Sort Your Crap Out for Christmas!

This is my 28 day blueprint for a calmer, happier Christmas! Over the 4 weeks leading up to the big day I will be guiding you on …

  • Enjoying the fun without gaining weight (maybe even lose a bit on the way!)
  • Micro meditations to calm the busiest mind so you can think straight
  • How to manage the parties and boozing without the “Hangxiety” –
  • Maximising your sleep so you aren’t lying awake at 3 in the morning!
  • And my client’s favourite… The drama triangle…how to deal with toxic people and avoid the Christmas meltdowns – this one is a gem that works all year round!

We start on the 25th November over on Facebook, but spaces are very limited and my programmes always sell out so if you want in then come on over to my website and let’s countdown to a calmer Christmas together!

Your investment to get your Christmas crap sorted is just a £1 a day … so just £28 all in! Less than a fancy advent calendar!

Kim Raine is a Life Coach and Health Mentor who is fanatical about helping women free themselves from the BS that is holding them back so they can sort their crap out once and for all. Kim empowers women to reduce anxiety, beat burnout, manage stress, lose weight, sleep better and live happier, healthier lives.

Liz George – Overcome Your Anxious Mind

This 6 week online group programme provides a CBT framework through which thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that lead to problems like anxiety can be understood and addressed.

It takes place weekly through Zoom in a safe, confidential and supportive environment. This group is for you if:

  • You are a woman age 18 or above
  • you are suffering with anxiety and want to learn coping skills
  • You struggle with constant worry and are not sure how to control it
  • You want to learn some simple strategies to manage anxiety in your daily life
  • Anxiety and worry keeps you awake at night
  • You find yourself avoiding situations, places and people due to anxiety
  • You are not living the life you want as fear is getting in your way

Anxiety is having a negative impact on your life and so if you join me and you will….

  • Receive expert advice and support on managing anxiety based on the latest effective research
  • Discover simple yet rapid techniques to help you stop worrying # Learn how you can calm a racing mind, as well as optimize your health & wellbeing
  • Discover strategies to relieve nervous and physical tension. # Understand how you can improve your sleep
  • Discover how to take control of fear so you can life a fuller life
  • Discover strategies to make meaningful, permanent and lasting change
  • Become part of an online supportive community with other like-minded Women

The price is £147.00 and includes 6 x 1 hour weekly group sessions by zoom, as well as access to online resources tips and tools. Applications being accepted into the programme are subject to a 15 minute telephone conversation. Message to set up a call.

Liz George is a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, Mental Health Expert, Runner, Traveller, and Unapologetic Karaoke Singer. She has successfully helped thousands of clients overcome problems like anxiety and depression. She is a registered with the UK’s leading professional organizations and has 20 years clinical experience within the NHS and private sector.

Stacy Moore – Back to Life, Back to Reality

Back to Life: Back to Reality is the new groundbreaking 5 week online programme from The Nesting Coach. It provides targeted support for women who have survived the all-encompassing post-partum phase and are just starting to mentally prepare to face the world again. 

So are you a Mum,

  • Seeking space and support to start thinking about the next phase of your professional life, while still juggling your mothering role?
  • Are you preparing to re-embrace your core values, goals and dreams, but baby isn’t quite sleeping through every night?
  • Do you want to start 2020 re-establishing who you are as a professional woman with your mental health intact?

Kicking off in January 2020 the Nesting Coach is seeking 50 women with young children who are ready to re-engage with the world at their pace, supporting each other to find a new level of post-partum fabulosity!

Topics covered include:

  • Oh Baby, the lessons you’ve taught me!
  • Completing a needs analysis: Re-establishing my values
  • Identifying my personal challenges and finding ways to manage these
  • Finding my balance for maintaining mental health
  • Clarity on goals and setting intentions

Stacy Moore is a chartered psychologist and mother of two who will guide you through five weeks of reflective activities that will help steer you in the right direction. 

Every transition phase has its challenges. Back to Life: Back to Reality will make this one much easier on your mental health!❤️

The fun starts in January 2020. Email for more information on the limited £97 early bird offer (Normally £149)

Stacy Moore is the founder of The Nesting Coach, and Inner Circles Educational Psychology. A chartered psychologist and mother of two who helps guide women in the right direction through her programmes. For over 15 years she has helped school staff to understand and support children and young people on their learning journeys and continues to advocate for better mental health and wellbeing. She is fascinated by the ability of communities to draw on internal resources to problem solve and has written and presented internationally on the evidence-based approach of Staff Sharing.

Heather Waring – Walk Your Way Toolkit

Despite the cold in the UK it’s a great time of the year to create adventures and memories for you, for family and friends and walking fits into holiday and everyday schedules so easily, even in the winter.

In this toolkit founder of The Million women Walking Campaign Heather, has pulled together her best tips, advice and suggestions to enable you to create walking adventures with ease and flow. Adventures that will give you and those you spend time with fun and lots to talk about….plus you can share all about your adventures online with hundreds of other participants around the globe.

Heather Waring is an international walking specialist who leads walks on ancient pathways in the UK and Europe and works with women of all shapes and sizes and all levels of fitness to introduce walking into their lives. Her signature Camino Experiences attract women from all over the world but camino walks are only one part of her offering, Heather wants to get EVERYONE taking a walk of their life.

Sign up for your toolkit here for just £14.99

Heather is a walk leader and camino expert; author, speaker and coach. Her mission is to impact the lives of women through the simple activity of walking. She loves the transformation that walking brings, creating space for women to rediscover and reconnect with their true self and re-ignite that spark and essence that has got lost along life’s path. Whether walking virtually or in person Heather taps into the energy, wisdom and stories of those who have gone before and brings these experiences and learnings to her work with her clients for their highest good.

Shermain Phillips – Badged


New!!!! Limited edition !!!!!! Mini original art pieces by artist @bootzmama 

“Over the years I’ve found that loads of people would love to purchase original and limited edition art, but they often find too many obstacles in their way.”

What if art was more accessible… if people could buy limited edition pieces… become art buyers/consumers from young… imagine being able to say .. I started collecting art at age 6 or 4, I’ve always collected art…. would this have changed the way you experienced the world … how you saw yourself… how you saw others?? Badged builds bridges over those obstacles we spoke about earlier as well as doing a ton of other cool stuff.

I have produced a series of limited edition badges using my original pieces…
Each series represents what BootzMama is all about. I paint so I can …
give a voice to things I think are important … create Images that I want my son to see!

Provoke Questions I want him to ask… And hopefully colour and change some of the world he lives in… and will one day live in without me… Be part of this movement because you believe in what I’m doing, because you’re woke … because you wanna say something… or just because you think the art is dope and it makes you feel good.


BootzMama is an artist who wants to make art to colour the world that her son will live in long after she’s gone . Over the next few months she will be releasing limited edition buttons under the project name “Badged” It’s A Movement.

Contact to purchase.

Breeda Millar – The Caregiver Clubhouse

Hi there – I’m Breeda Miller. Former caregiver and current caregiver champion. I’ve been there. Caring for my mother was one of the hardest and loneliest times of my life. I was often exhausted, frustrated and felt so alone, even when surrounded by people. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I had to figure it out everyday. I was overwhelmed.

If you have ever felt like this and wish you had a place to find peace, support and creative solutions, The Caregiver Clubhouse was built for you. You don’t have to leave the house, you don’t have to make care arrangements, you don’t even have to get dressed.

The Caregiver Clubhouse is the place I wish I had when I was a caregiver. It’s a soft spot to land, to recharge, find some humor, and get support from others who really get it.

I’d love for you to join us.

Sign up here

Breeda is a caregiver with a voice and message that resonates with audiences worldwide. She cared for her mother for eight years including hospice care. Her focus on self-care seamlessly connects with Wellness and Work/Life Balance needs. As an award-winning author and speaker, Breeda brings humor and the power of story to create a lasting impact.

Jackie Javis – ‘Abundance Walk’ New Year Challenge

Give yourself the best opportunity to manifest what you want in your business and in your life as I invite you to take part in my 5 – Day ‘Abundance Walk’ New Year Challenge

Make the best use of that magical, quiet time after Christmas. Sign up for the challenge and get my personal guidance via a daily video, podcast and worksheet

All you need to do is go for a walk each day, reflect on the guidance and complete a simple worksheet over coffee. You will experience the magic of focusing your thoughts in this special way at the same time as tapping into the natural energy ignited by walking in nature.

This is one of the best ways of ensuring you get what you want, showing up on your path in 2020.

If you are interested in taking part for the pilot price of £27 contact

Best Selling Author, Jackie Jarvis, The Walking Business Coach helps busy business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs who find themselves struggling with lack of clarity, to create the space for reflection, new ideas, fresh strategies and plans.

She believes in the natural power of walking and talking in nature and regularly see’s evidence of the abundance it creates. In her spare time Jackie spends time pursuing her love of long-distance hiking, off the beaten track travel and meditation which inspires her writing and insightful coaching style.

Wow…what a list of phenomenal women (Tribe Builder is open to men by the way ha ha)

I am so proud of the work these business owners have been putting in, so please do show your support. Not all of the group decided to launch something in this round, but they have all made incredible progress in getting traction in their ventures.

I’m super excited about the next round of Tribe Builder which starts at the end of January…in fact tomorrow I am making an exciting announcement and a no brainer discount for early adopters and people in my existing tribe who are ready to step up in 2020.

If you’ve like to be first to find out sign up here

You can find out information about what is included in the new and improved 6-month programme here, but remember tomorrow I am running a flash sale for action takers on my list.

Tribe Building is not about having a bazzilian followers on your insta account, it’s not even about having a free facebook group filled of your ideal clients, its about embedding community engagement strategies that take people on a journey with you and your business so that they actually give a shit about what you do.

Before you go...

Time small

Join my FREE 10 day challenge and take your first step to leading a bigger, BETTER life.

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