New Level, New to stay on top of your solopreneur game in 2024

Where did you go to school to learn business?

Yep…I didn’t got to school for business either.

Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean you are not qualified to do what you do, but very few of us Solopreneurs start out with the intention of being in business.

My degree was in Performing Arts, my Masters is in Multimedia…I have almost 30 years experience of Solopreneurship, and more than 2 decades behind me of supporting sole traders, freelancers, creatives and SME’s in growing their businesses. 

When I wrote my first book on business Leading from the BackI was nervous about being called out for not being an expert. The book was about growing profitable audiences around your business…I had been doing that very successfully for years.  I worked as a consultant in the real world with real people, and one of my roles was writing policy around the London 2012 games maker programme. 

I had been influencing, encouraging, inspiring and motivating people to get behind projects and concepts for many many years before I moved my efforts into the online space. But I still wasn’t very well known in the online business space as a business coach. 

Imposter syndrome when it comes to being a valid voice for small business owners is one which pops up from time to time, but I have learned to let it just come along for the ride. It is not in the passenger seat giving me instructions of what to do and when, its more like a nagging kid in the backseat that you learn to switch off from. 

My next book The Solopreneur’s Roadmap speaks to this challenge of overcoming imposter syndrome, and the challenges of leveling up in your business. It helps you to seperate your identity from the identity your business has, so that they can both win and fail separately from one another. It talks about the complexity of keeping on top of all the things, while also navigating a ever changing landscape of technology advancements, world events and life sometimes getting in the way of our business goals.

One of the challenges of Solopreneurship is that we are not all the same, we are not one big homogenous group with the same resources, the same objectives, the same trajectory…

We come into business via different routes, we have different goals and dreams, and different sets of circumstances to manage. This is why it is so important to have your own personalised Roadmap, rather than constantly relying on the gurus to tell you what to do. 

Yes hearing different perspectives and ideas can be useful, but ultimately the buck stops with you…and it starts with knowing what kind of Solopreneur business you are actually running. 

I have become obsessed with making the case for bespoke advice.

Cookie cutter strategy just isn’t going to cut it anymore. The age of generic information being valuable enough to sell is on its way out, and instead we can look forward to…

  • Implementation
  • Application
  • Integration
  • Activation

All on a adapted for you basis.

My What Kind of Business Are You Running audit makes a good start at helping you realised where you currently are, and what you may want to consider to get you to the next stage.

In my Solopreneur Roadmap programme we go one stage further, and start to figure out competency levels across 9 core business development areas. 

I know, I know….all you want to do is make money and be successful, and much of this feels like hard work.

Well guess what? 

Business is…especially as a Solopreneur when you have to keep all of the different areas of business pinning as well as actually delivering on the stuff you help your clients with.  

And while folks are fart arsing about trying to find the secret sauce to doing business with ease to make a bazzilion quid…there are other people doing the structural work to implement what needs to be implemented to build a sustainable successful venture. 

Want to know how to uplevel with me by your side this year?

I have a number of 121 packages and group programme to help you launch, grow and scale your solopreneur business.

There is never a hard sell with me, I will listen to your current challenges and suggest the best option for where you are at, I won’t even take payment on the call or offer any fast acting bonuses.

Just honest advice to support you in finding the right support for you and your venture. 

If you are ready to take things to the next level why not book in a call to see if I can help?