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With Julie Creffield

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Why this stuff is really important to learn NOW

We have all been through the ringer the last year or so, and there does seem to be a heap of fatigue and overwhelm knocking around in regards to doing business online, and maybe even a call for online business to be done in a different way. 

I feel there is a different way…we just need to be brave enough to take it

We are living through strange times, and what I mean by that is that as we approach the summer months, we don’t just have the normal dip in engagement as folks go off on holidays and kids break up for school, but we have all manner of other weird things at play.

The majority of us can’t just wait until September to do any business. 

The world has been through an incredible shift, and so has its inhabitants, and so I believe this is the perfect time to review your values and the vision for your business and to ask yourself what you want to focus on and who you want to work with. 

It really is time to find and activate YOUR people

Join me during this free workshop to learn exactly how to do this for yourself.

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A Personal Invitation from Me...Julie Creffield

As someone who has been navigating the online world for more than a decade, and bring people together as a trainer, facilitator and consultant for more than 25 years, the last few months have been unlike any other time in history.

Not just because of the pandemic, but as a result of peoples reactions around the impact of the pandemic. I have been fascinated by how some folks have stepped up, some have stepped back, and others have stepped over others to get what they want and need.

I’ve always said there is a different way of doing business, one which is based on creating win win situations, and sharing the resources we have available to us…and I am so pumped up to share some of these learnings with you in this session.