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If you're a brilliant expert or coach ready to attract a heap of new buyers (instead of just those pesky old browsers) then this is the challenge for's time to get super visible and known for that brilliant thing you that ultimately folks just can't help but want to work with you.

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How are people supposed to know they need your services if you are not explicit about who you really are, and how you really help people like them? Nailing your niche is an important first step towards becoming the leader of a tribe of activated supporters.

This Challenge Kicks Off In...


We start on Friday 16th April 2021

Let me help you find the messaging clarity and renewed confidence to seriously help you step up your efforts and find the right people to grow your tribe.

  • Learn where you are confusing you can make tweaks and attract the right people
  • Learn where you are leaving money on the table...often meaning that you already have the right people in your network
  • Learn how to stand out from your they buy from you (and not them)
  • Learn how to speak about your work with you want to show up, so that ultimately new people find you
  • Learn how to step up and claim what's you can see real growth

What do Julie's clients say about her?

I clarified my mission and established a community, which in less than 4 months has grown to over 3000 wonderful women

The support, the engagement, the ACCOUNTABILITY to grow, has just been phenomenal

Working with Julie has been like a rocket up my bum! I now have a wait list for my services. phenomenal

She pushed me to think bigger and stop with the bullshit excuses

My husband said, "Wow you've really upped your game" based on things Julie got me to do"

No fluff and nonsense - she just tells it how it is and has the most amazing ideas that have helped me to grow my business further.

I can really see the difference in both myself and my business.

Another 5-day challenge though? How is this one different?

Look, communities are my thing.

  • In 2019 I worked with more than 3000 paying clients in my various coaching groups and communities
  • January 2020 I attracted 500+ paying clients into a single pop-up community
  • February 2020 I designed a brand new programme attracted 25 perfect clients and made £20K
  • March 2020 I ran my 10-day paid sales challenge with 50 small business owners
  • April 2020 I ran a 31-day kick start your Tribe Building challenge...I came up with the idea on Monday and by Friday had 50 paying customers
  • June 2020 almost 300 people took part in the first Nail Your Niche Challenge, with 12K comments over the 5 days
  • November 2020 I had my best income month in business and was actually in Greece writing a book
  • January 2021 I had my first £100K launch
  • By March I had grown my clubhouse audience to 7000+

This is me in my absolute zone of genius SIMPLE!!!

In the past 7 years I have worked with more than 20,000 clients, across 3 different niches....and I fall into that somewhat cringe-worthy tag line of "multiple 6 figure coach"...but its true.

And all because each time I've launched a new business I have learned to get clear on my niche, by letting people know who I am and what I do...even though there are a heap of other people out there doing slightly similar things to what I do.

  • The daily tasks are simple yet won't fall behind
  • The group will be fun and won't feel like a chore
  • And every lunchtime we go live for a 45 minutes to chew the fat over the days proceedings

Seriously, give me an hour a day for 5 days and I will show you why I'm good at this Tribe Building stuff and how you can be too if only you'd nail that niche...and then learn how to communicate it effectively.

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