My Tedx Talk

A picture paints a thousand words right? It is why I believe vision boards are so powerful.

In January 2018 I created a vision board with all of the things I wanted to attract into my business and life, and bang in the middle of that was to do a TEDx talk.

But this is somewhat problematic when you have a message that you know the world needs to hear, yet you find yourself with a real resistance to showing up on video because of an irrational fear of judgement…especially when the message you want to share is about that very topic.

Well, that was me.

Happy to show up in my writing and in real life in front of audiences as a speaker and influencer. But the idea of having a 13-minute talk recorded in its entirety and posted online, available for all to see…forevermore…well let’s just see the idea of that brought me out in a cold sweat.

I wanted to stand up and talk about body confidence, female empowerment, living a bigger life…but I would be doing that in a body which many feel doesn’t deserve to have a platform, a body which doesn’t deserve to be celebrated, a body which I knew would divide opinion no matter what words came out of my mouth.

And yet, as I created my vision board for my business at the start of 2018 there it was for all to see. I wanted to do a Tedx talk. I wanted to take my big idea worth sharing and well…share it. And not only did I want this…I was going to go out and get it.

So here it is.

Click on the image for the video to start

My biggest lessons for putting myself through this process are as follows…

  1. You will never feel ready for something this BIG
  2. You don’t need to know exactly what you want to say
  3. Not everyone will get the enormity of this
  4. Letting go of any idea of perfection is crucial
  5. Being afraid pushes you to be a person you didn’t even know existed before

If you have a BIG scary goal you would like to achieve this year but are afraid of the visibility needed to even get things started, why not drop me a line and let’s see if my Living a Bigger Life Mastermind or 121 packages could help.

Not everyone will want to do a Tedx talk in their lifetime, but everyone has their equivalent. The thing which nags away at them when they see other people achieving their dreams.