One of the most annoying things about running an online business is there are so many rules.

And even if these rules are not written down anywhere in a guide book (imagine), they are splattered around the internet, or are sometimes just implied…or spoken about in quiet whispers.

For example, I hear so many business coaches saying DO NOT DISCOUNT, and then I see them doing it

Take Black Friday for example…OK so it’s an American thing, which has made it’s way into Europe…and everyone gets on their high horse about whether to offer deals or not.


I’m going all out with every kind of discount you can think of….


Buy one, or buy a few…today or on Friday (the offers are valid until next Monday) just take your time to think about the impact each and everyone of these offerings could have on your business in 2021


Let’s start with a little freebie, something that will help you make some more money. Stop Leaving Money on the Table is the ebook I wrote as we came out of the first lockdown in the UK. I wanted to share how I had doubled my income this year, and the 7 biggest mistakes I saw small business owners making in their business. Here’s the link


Ever bought something and thought, I’d love if one of my mates could do this with me too? Well you are in luck. Buy a place on my 10 day sales challenge A Grand in Your Hand and you can bring a business bestie for FREE. Its a great little programme to do with a friend, as you can pick each others brains and act as accountability buddies as you both make cash in your business this side of Xmas. Here’s the link (to claim the deal just send me your friends email address)


Are you planning on launching an online group programme in 2021, then you need One to Many. Work with me for 8 weeks to design, create, launch and deliver you most profitable and impactful programme. Using my 20 years experience of designing group programmes, including a decade of doing this online. I love this programme, but will be retiring it after this round. Each cohort has just 12 participants, which although great for them, makes it one of my not so profitable offers. The final price is £1000+VAT, saving you £300+ Here’s the me for details of how to claim the discounted price. We start January 11th


If you would like more clients in 2021 to find you, rather than you having to hunt them down and convince them to work with you, then Tribe Builder is the programme for you. Register for my signature programme before 16th December to secure the early bird rate, as the price goes up in January, saving you more than £500 if you register now. We start at the end of January Here’s the link


In January I am opening up a high level mastermind for a small group of established business owners. This is not a group programme. This is a container for business owners who have already had success, who are just done with waiting, and are ready to be hitting 6 figures or above next year. You are fed up of the stop start in your business, the feast and famine, and you are ready for some momentum, you are ready to step into your leadership potential, you are ready to scale exponentially. Book a call here to discuss your suitability


My book Leading from the back, how to build a profitable online business without burning out, selling out, or behaving like a dick comes out next month, if you’d like to be an early adopter, preorder the ebook version, the paperback and audiobook version are not far behind it. This book will transform your thinking about what it takes to be successful online. Here’s the link


Here’s a collection of some techy things, which I use that you are going to love.

  • Book Like a Boss – I use this for all of my 121 meetings, I love that you can take payment at source, there is currently a 30% discount for annual plans. I have made my money back over and over again with this bit of tech
  • Leadpages – I use this for landing pages and opt ins when I am in a rush…so easy to use
  • Kajabi – I am a massive Kajabi fan, since joining 2 years ago, this piece of tech has helped me make well over £200K from my online programmes
  • ConvertKit – I use this for emails, I wouldn’t move to anything else, set up a free account and start growing your list


You might like posts like this, you might not. You might feel like offering discounts devalues my services and that’s OK. The point is, we get to decide whats right for our own business.

My thing is scaling.

My thing is activating my audience to buy from me.

My thing is no bullshit business advice that works.

My thing is not stressing about each and every tactic I deploy.

And so why folks are sitting on the sidelines with their high and mighty opinions about what works and what doesn’t work, whats tacky and whats not tacky, I am over here making money and changing lives.

Anyway, I hope you find some fun and transformational things to invest in this week…or not if thats your bag

What I would say is, when I started investing in myself, was when I started investing in myself.

6 years from single mum, unemployed and about to lose her home, to multi 6 figure business owner, who can now decide where in the world she wants to work from…who each year changes thousands of peoples lives, I think that ain’t half bad.

Have a fab week

And CALL ME????

Julie Creffield is an award winning entrepreneur and business coach who specialises in tribe leadership and community engagement. She helps small business owners to find and activate the right people in their business, turning browsers into buyers, followers into powerful allies.

Her upcoming book Leading from the Back – How to build a profitable online business without selling out, burning out or behaving like a dick is available to preorder from Amazon. Check it out here

This book will help you step up into your most aligned leadership style, cut through the layers of bullshit you find online when it comes to marketing, so you can do business on your terms, and scale fast.

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