My business review of 2021

I write these every year.


Because they help as part of my review and reflect process, but mostly because my clients and wider network find them incredibly useful too.

 Transparency is one of my core values, because for many business owners who are new to the world of business, or new to online marketing etc, it can all feel like a bit of a how do they do it? What are the rules? How does it all work?

I read one of these reviews around 6 years ago written by a millionaire I really respect, and I was like, “Ahhh now I get it” and it absolutely inspired me to up my game, and take my business growth a bit more seriously.

So here goes.

The year started off strong.

January is always a great time for attracting new clients across both of my businesses (I run a global plus size fitness business alongside my business coaching work), with the whole new year new you thingy…but also there was a new social media platform in town, and it was almost like it was designed for me. Clubhouse. An audio only app…starting in the USA, but rapidly growing in the first 6 weeks of the year.

It combined all of my fav things, communities, speaking…and making money.

Within two weeks I had established myself on the app and was running a daily breakfast show, Breakfast minus the Bullshit, and I was loving it. It suited my no nonsense approach to showing up online, no airs no graces and no strange selfie faces lol, and I didn’t have to do any prep I could just show up, share my expertise and it raised my profile no end.

It was easy to grow an audience and activate them to want to work with me too. But there was a lot of unethical, and icky stuff going on, that triggered so much of my “Its not fair” wound…but more of that later.

I made £50K in the first two months of the year, much of it from new clients off Clubhouse

I was busy. But all of this new attention and growth had highlighted issues in my business which I had neglected for far too long, namely having no staff, but also some stuff around my brand, protecting my intellectual property, and getting my digital assets like my website up to scratch…up until this point I was still very much a one woman band (I don’t recommend this by the way)

This newfound success had raised some eyebrows too, and there was a short period where it felt like I was being attacked all over the gaff by other online business coaches, voice notes being left from people who were publicly in clubhouse rooms being all nicey-nicey but behind the scenes were threatening lawsuits. There was some truly shitty behaviour from people I trusted (and a few I never really did so there was that lol)

In March I ran a sales challenge with 100 clients, and I loved it…but as I headed into April I knew I was on the verge of burnout…I couldn’t grow my team fast enough, and if the truth be known I wasn’t sure I wanted my business to go in the direction it was heading. I had to stop. I was having some kind of nervous breakdown. I wanted to carry on working, but my body’s nervous system had other ideas, and I started having panic attacks and waking up with a racing heart…at one point I ended up in A&E thinking I had a blood clot in my leg, the doctor assuring me it was just anxiety and sore muscles from CrossFit.

In April I bailed on my own launch…and just simply quit so many of my programmes so I could take a break. I needed to get my health and confidence back, and fall back in love with my business. And so I started building my team, I started focussing on my strategy, and I took the summer off to have some fun…some much needed fun I might add. Cue the music festivals, short breaks…and actually having a social life again. 

I also spent 3 months working with an incredible therapist which made a hell of a lot of difference. I did a lot of forgiveness work, including some on me, and the decisions I’ve made over the years….I can’t tell you how much lighter I feel. The shit we carry around with us impacts our business, and so dealing with it before it completely derailed me made sense. 

My clients have been awesome throughout, I think the fall out of last year has hit many of us smack in the face this year…and things have just felt harder. I also think a lot of people have been burned by a certain type of business offering, with talk of quantum leaps, and being able to manifest anything you desire (even if you don’t have the basic foundations for your business in place). 

I had to take a hard look at what I was selling and how I was selling it.

I designed a new programme called The Audience Builder Bootcamp…a programme that helps you get your first 100 people on your email list (and a few other things lol), but teaching the basics of audience growth and growing a personal brand online…something that a lot of business owners talk about wanting but don’t always want to put in the graft to create.

This was a programme about tactics…but I was feeling a shift towards wanting to do more around strategy and mindset, what it really takes as a business owner to scale your ambition, to grow your audience, and ultimately to increase your authority.

I had to think about why I was doing all of this…because the money wasn’t enough thats for sure.

My income had taken a dip due to my inability to show up consistently and back my own message, and I was a million miles away from the ambitious income target I had set for myself at the start of the year (a million pounds off lol), but the business was still doing OK….and I had reserves from last years bumper year of growth.

In July the idea for my slightly revised direction came to me while working on the branding for my new podcast Bigger Than You. I realised that so much of my skill and my expertise from the past 20 odd years, has been about activating everyday people to do extrordinary things…whether that was young people at risk of offending, or the people of East London putting themselves forward to become Gamesmakers in their thousands…I have a knack of helping people to see the bigger picture, helping them to see that things can change, and that transformation starts with doing something that isn’t just about you winning.

And so, the helping small business owners to think BIGGER and perform BETTER strap line, and mission was born.

The podcast launched on the 9th September, and made it into the top 3 of the Entrepreneur Charts. The feedback about this change in direction was commented on positively by my peers and colleagues, and it really felt like there was a massive shift in the energy, of how I wanted to show up and what I wanted to activate in people. 

I am on episode 20 of the podcast now, with more than 2500 downloads…and I am inspired, every single interview activates something in me, that helps me to move things forward in my business…it is probably the best decision I made this year, as it has given me structure in my marketing, and gives me an excuse to collaborate with so many awesome people.

In September I headed off to Ibiza for a bit of downtime. A 7 day Qoia retreat, where I had some amazing breakthroughs and downloads, as well as being able to swim in the sea, eat fresh delicious food, and hang out with 7 other incredible women. I headed back to London literally chomping at the bit to get cracking with all of the wonderful new programmes I was going to run. 

AND THEN….duh, duh, duh….BLOODY COVID.

During the early stages where I thought I would just be off my game for a week or two, I managed to welcome 16 new business owners into Go Big or Go Home, my new iteration of Tribe Builder…the programme which had positioned me as a business growth strategist (but somehow didn’t feel aligned anymore to run as it was), and the last 8 weeks of this cohort have been bloody incredible…I am currently in prelaunch for the January cohort. 

However COVID floored me. I ended up in A&E not being able to breathe. My 8 year old daughter had moved in with her dad. And I was basically spending 20 hours a day sleeping. There was a moment in a hospital trolly in Homerton Hospital where I burst into tears, not because I was alone (I was, and that was scary) and not because I thought I was going to die (I kind of did), I was just really frustrated because I had this overwhelming feeling of…I am not done yet. I didn’t get to do what I was put on this planet to do.

3 days later I was starting to feel much better.

7 days later and I was back in the gym (taking it steady obviously)

9 days later I was running a 2 day away day in the Olympic Park for my Unstoppable VIP clients, which also involved an abseil of the largest structure in the UK…there was a moment after seeing my clients go down first, where I surveyed the views of East London, and thought about the transformation of Stratford, the role I had played in that, and the impact of that project on my own transformation and world view….and then came the abseil lol.

I felt inspired again. My Unstoppable Mastermind clients have had some great wins across the year…I’d like to say they have all peaked at the same time and in the same way, but that wouldn’t be true. But there has been real growth, and alignment, and many many things to celebrate for that group of awesome human beings.

In October I created a new mini product, the Activate Your Audience System which sold 93 packages over a 15 day launch period, which was a reminder that I am a bloody genius at this stuff.

A reading with my Numerologist in late November (YES, I work with an awesome Numerologist) gave me all of the insight and some much needed hope I needed to stay focussed and on track as I come to the end of this calendar year, and hurtle towards the end of this turbulent year 7 in my numerology chart. I love that she can always see where the big moments of growth and challenge will be in my business. It helps me to prepare for them.

Watch out for BIG THINGs in June next year, thats all I am saying.

And so finally, as I start preparing to wrap things up, I have just last week brought on a global charity partner who I will be launching a MASSIVE project with in January in my plus size fitness business (Shhhh I can’t talk about it yet lol). This is likely to change EVERYTHING!!!!

And so the year is finishing off kind of in the way it started…full of hope, opportunity and a love for what I do.

The messy middle though….holy crap.

My numbers for the year?


  • I welcomed around 1800 new clients into my world
  • I wrote around 30 blogs…far, far less than normal
  • I did one live in person speaking gig
  • I took around 60 days of leave…had three holidays, went to 2 music festivals…oh and have booked a log cabin for Xmas
  • I will end the year having done roughly £200K in sales…not the 1.2 million I had planned for lol
  • Facebook ad spend £0

Some other stuff

I created and launched a few new things this year (not as many as last year)


What did I invest in?


  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Online Business Manager (sadly didn’t work out)
  • Social media support
  • YouTube Strategy & Video Editing (new channel coming next year)
  • A Mastermind (Wasn’t the right fit for me…wasn’t a mastermind in my view)
  • New brand photos…best investment
  • New website I looooooooooovvvvve
  • Elgato Lights, A decent Camera, StreamDeck & a Pop Up Green screen
  • Therapy

My goals for 2022?



  • To continue working out what it is I am supposed to be doing via my work.
  • My new 2022 project will see me doing more humanitarian work, and raising the profile of causes close to my heart.
  • To raise £100,000 for charity
  • To build a team
  • To grow my passive income further
  • To move out of London….I can not put this off any longer


And next year, how can folks get involved?

  • 17th January – Nail Your Niche FREE Challenge (details coming soon)
  • 28th January – UNSTOPPABLE VIP mastermind (Email me to check eligibility
  • 31st January – Go Big or Go Home (register before Xmas for earlybird pricing)
  • Anytime – Audience Builder Bootcamp…make 2022 the year you finally build and leverage an audience


And then who knows?????


This has been a bit of an epic post, but finally my biggest lessons


  • Stop giving a shit about what people thing about you
  • Don’t wait for things to be perfect to take action on them
  • Invest in yourself, your health and wellbeing is THE most important asset you have
  • Get clearer on your values…act them out daily
  • Find your people, love on them hard
  • Stop watching what everyone else is doing
  • Stop effing about as a consumer on social media, start being a producer instead
  • Take time to acknowledge your achievements


Right and on that note I am going to wrap up.


What a roller-fucking-coaster of a year


Sending you all the love and success you desire for 2022


And thats me done for the year



Join me LIVE to review your year

As the final live thing I do this year I am running a Review & Celebrate session for my peeps on Tuesday 14th December at 10am

Its completely FREE to attend, and we will be measuring these 5 important metrics

  • Income
  • Impact
  • Influence
  • Insight 
  • Integrity
The session will be interactive, fun, inclusive and there will be a few surprises thrown in for good measure



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