Julie Creffield is an in demand motivational speaker, social media influencer and media personality who’s messages around self love, determination and perseverance have inspired millions of women around the world.

From a struggling single mum to a successful entrepreneur Julie uses humour and a whole heap of common sense to help women live healthier, happier more fulfilling lives. In 2010 Julie started writing a simple blog about the realities of being a plus size runner after coming dead last in a race and the finish line being packed away before she crossed it, that now award winning blog and the online coaching programmes and fitness challenges she created went on to motivate thousands of women to get active and start believing in

Julie has an extraordinary story of overcoming adversity and reinventing herself time and time again in her career and ultimately transforming her life into one which inspires and excites her. A regular commentator in the UK on breaking news stories around health and a regular podcast and virtual TV guest sharing her journey so far in life and business to an international audience.

Julie is a brand influencer for major sports, fitness and food brands, and often reviews running events around the world.

Julie spent 6 weeks on ITV’s This Morning leading a feature called Run for Your Life based on the techniques from her ground breaking online programme 5 weeks to 5K and was recently listed by the magazine Runners World as one of the sports 70 most influential figures.

Julie is the author of The Fat Girls Guide to Marathon Running, and 6 other health, fitness and female empowerment related publications, and has written or contributed to thousands of blogs and online articles. She currently has two further books in development.

Julie lives in Stratford East London with her daughter Rose where she continues to train for marathons, enjoys regular Cross Fit sessions and dreams up more and more ways of changing the world by helping women lead bigger lives.

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