Have you ever worked with a coach before?

No? Well, perhaps it’s time?

And if you have you, trust me you haven’t worked with one like me before that’s for sure.

I am the no bullshit life coach for women that don’t normally do life coaching. I work with ordinary down to earth women just like you. Women who have finally realised they have had enough and need to take action, women who know deep down they deserve so much more from their life.

Working with me will feel like having a best friend in your back pocket who is there specifically to help you sort your shit out, but without needing anything back in return. Once you sign up to one of my programmes you can take a breath and know that you have someone on your side that is going to help make things better, in fact, often it will be a whole community of new women cheering you on from the sidelines.

Once you become a woman on a mission to live a bigger more exciting life, there is no going back, and you too will become a fearless ambassador for the concept of Living a Bigger Life too, you’ll find yourself sharing what you have learned and seeing where the women in your life are playing small and where you might be able to lend a hand.

  • If you need someone to listen right now, I’m here
  • You need someone to help you take action, I’ll do it.
  • Need someone to literally tell you what to do cos you are going round in circles…I’ll do that if I really have to, but only so you don’t stay stagnant. The idea is always to get you doing this stuff on your own.

I’ll probe, I’ll inquire into your life, I’ll get you thinking about different ways of doing things, I will probably ask you to do things that scare the life out of you, that make you feel panicky and like its just too bloody hard…but that stuff will also secretly excite and inspire you, and you will take action.

You will.

When I first toyed with the idea of becoming a coach I worried that people would judge me, or think I was crazy for charging money for this kind of thing…but these were only stories I had knocking around in my head and when I took on my first set of clients and started seeing the results they got and read their testimonials about how life-changing it had been, I started to see my worth….and by charging the fees I do and being open about what my services cost I help women to see their worth too.

However, I was adamant right from the start that I didn’t want my services to be so exclusive that very few people could afford them which is why I offer 3 types of support

Self Study – Downloadable workbooks and short video coaching sequences to help you on your way to making the changes you need to make. Always at an affordable, almost throwaway price point. Where it’s the choice between a night out that leaves you with a sore head or a night in with an exercise which could change your whole outlook on life. These are a brilliant entry-level way of checking me out and seeing if I am right for you.

Group Programmes – Working with other women to achieve your goals with me leading the process and offering 121 support as required. Also at an affordable price point, but where there is a serious level of investment so that you actually do the damn work.

My signature programme is my Living a Bigger Life Mastermind, which takes women through an initial 10-week process and then supports them for as long as they need to achieve their goals moving forward.

Throughout the year there will also be opportunities for specific shorter programmes on specific topics like career progression, writing your first book (coming real soon), and managing your time better. These might be online or in person in a specific geographical area

VIP 121s – I’m not going to lie, I don’t have an awful lot of time to work 121 with clients so I only have the capacity to work with a maximum of 5 clients a year but these women have full access to me…they get the whole works. This service is by application and I will only work with women who really are looking for true transformation, women who are willing to change their whole flipping life…if I am going to invest in you, you need to invest in yourself.

Prices start at £2,499 for a 10-month package.

“The life coach for women that don’t do life coaching”

Do I have a qualification in Life Coaching?

In a word No.

And in many ways, I’m kind of proud of that. Did you know there are 19-year-olds with qualifications in life coaching? Or that you can buy Life coaching certification programmes online for less than £10…yes you can!!!

You don’t pay me for my qualifications, you pay me for results right? For what I can do for you…how I can make your life better.

I may not have an official qualification in this field but I do have more than 20 years experience of coaching real-life people, women mainly but not exclusively. I have transferable skills gained from a wide and varied work career, and I am myself a personal development junkie…well at least I have become one in the last few years.

I am an avid reader, I go to many seminars and trainings myself and am surrounded by some of the most inspirational and successful colleagues in the world of business and personal development…if there is something I can not handle, I will know exactly the right person to bring into my groups or partner with.

What if you can’t afford to work with me?

Firstly I would send you to this page about affordability and fear and suggest some ways you can start generating income to make the investment. In the meantime, I offer lots of FREE content via my blog and social media challenges (check out the #livingabigger life and #iblamejulie hashtags). Get engaged and get working on yourself. Do not let your economic situation define you…there is always a way.

  1. You don’t want to change
  2. You are not willing to give things a go
  3. If you are not willing or able to prioritise time each week to focus on yourself (I can help you with this)
  4. You are not able to share your truth
  5. If you think a mini break is a better use of your cash
  1. If you are looking for someone who is perfect
  2. If you are offended by straight talk and occasional swearing
  3. If you are going to get pissed off at me asking you to do stuff
  4. If you think I am going to do the stuff for you…it’s your flipping stuff, you need to do it yourself.
  5. If you think I am going to be at your beck and call 24/7 (unless you are a VIP client…but I will still have boundaries)

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